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AI has come a long way since the HAL 9000 represents the crew in Stanley Kubrick's classic science fiction movie 2001 an Odyssey , and it's possible that already I had a conversation with a conversational , in a communication program that Telegram , thinking I was talking to a real person. chatbots is the real (and friendly) face of on the client mobile technology. They are loyal, tireless Sales & amp; Client front ambassadors who can give a small business a reliable forward line of customer service.

They can also accomplish many important but time-consuming tasks for your company by providing a transparent solution to interrupt the offer request service by ordering changes & amp; supplies without stopping doing business. It sounds futuristic, as it is, and it is happening now. The technology has transformed Chatbot & silence; forms impact on the business in recent years and is now available to anyone with a small or medium business. Mini Applications platform acts as a link between the blue chip technology and small and medium enterprises by creating an effective chain driven block Community of sales partners and developers with a webbkonstruktor interface is intelligently designed to be as easy to use as working out Lego bricks.

What can a conversationalist do?

What is done? It's the great idea behind the Applet Platform . It is the function of providing an open market for the personalized development of conversational Technology 300,000,000 active small and medium enterprises that take advantage of the enormous power of AI integration. A conversationalist can easily take a loan request or a pizza order, but he can also do much more.

Mini Applications Team already has an important customer base in the business, banking and telecommunications industries. They have worked together for more than 15 years. Your current ICO has a stable depth greater than Humaniq, Bancor and ICObox. They have 5000 international development teams are ready to create their personalized conversational, and has already 10 million mobile users

Now, florists, hairdressers & amp; Insurance brokers can integrate personalized conversational Technology Mini Applications that helps make your business more efficient, safer, more profitable and ready to take over the world as they continue to organize bouquets, lock, & cut; effectively provides accurate quotes. Actually, a conversational , you just have to give the exact quote. You can not make bread, but you can give it a step-by-step recipe. Mini Applications placement chatting robots is an effective way and Once standard way to visualize and operate as a business without the associated costs or traditionally necessary infrastructure to do it.

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