Earn using a mobile phone, nothing while doing and not overloading its performance is possible. I think my subscribers will immediately ask the question: how can this be done? Everything is quite simple here, because everyone has an innovative MODULE project, which I will talk about in detail in this article.

How to make money with your mobile phone
Almost all people are used to having certain actions to make money. Indeed, earning and doing nothing - sound like something wild and implausible. But, there is nothing surprising in this, because the MODULE project is going to pay means to all participants of the platform, which will give a place on the hard disk where certain information will be stored.

How it works
In principle, the platform is nothing complicated and surprising. All you need for this is to download a special application on your mobile phone and select a location on the disk that is not used.

After that, the MODULE platform downloads information there, which will be stored in the chain of blocking. For such a simple, but at the same time necessary operation users will be charged special MODULE tokens, which in case of which it will be possible to sell or exchange for real money.

Why you should start using the platform
In fact, using the MODULE platform for making money - this is quite profitable. Here is a simple example: you use all the memory of your mobile device. Most likely, no, especially if we are talking about advanced models where 128 GB or more.

Is it not easier to deposit them and receive rewards for this, especially since nothing is needed to do this?
I think that MODULE is a great project that will be able to find its audience around the world. In addition, it is distinguished by several other important features and characteristics:

Thanks to it, many large companies will be able to significantly increase the amount of data. And most importantly - all of them will be stored on the technology of blocking, which will make them so safe;
each user can earn money without degrading the characteristics of his mobile device. After all, all that is necessary for normal operation is to give up unnecessary space on the hard drive;
The block will receive a lot of decentralized databases, where all information will be stored. This will positively affect the network, because the possibility of hacking will be excluded;
A special token will work inside the platform, it will be enough to exchange it for real funds in case of what;
all users who will use the MODULE platform will be able to obtain additional protection for their device. This is an important advantage that no one can remain indifferent.
And the most important advantage - from cooperation with the MODULE platform, absolutely all market participants will be able to win. And this is an important advantage that will give all the opportunities for further implementation.

Technical characteristics of the project
Title: MODL.
Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20).
Price: 1 MODL = 0.008 USD.
Dates: June 21 - October 20, 2018.
Soft cap: $ 5,000,000.
Hard cap: $ 18,000,000.

Development plan
MODULE is not only an innovative idea, but also an opportunity to realize all the tasks set, which you can see in the next picture.

Also, the MODULE project has one more important advantage: it is an experienced team that is able to realize all the goals set, even if significant problems arise.

MODULE is an innovative project that has innovative capabilities in the field of information storage. The project will open chic possibilities absolutely for all subjects. This is exactly what is its major advantage, which will make this project one of the best in the future.

I also want to note that the project is innovative in its segment. Accordingly, he has all chances for successful implementation. And you can read it in more detail at the following links:






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