How to make money in Internet

How I earned on trading more than half a million dollars. To be honest, after watching the film "In pursuit of schastem," which I advise everyone to see where the main character was looking for earning opportunities to feed his son, I also began to try to look for an opportunity to make money on the Internet, since I live in a small city where the average salary is 10 thousand rubles, I despaired of looking for a job, I worked at that time as a manager in a home appliance store. My life changed dramatically when I found out about this site. CLICK 

I was sent to a person at one of the earnings forums on the Internet and I decided to try to make money on this site, because I had no way out. The meaning of the site was in trading, it was necessary to guess the rate of a particular currency pair, a specific asset, a demo account was provided on the site for making money on trading where I could train as much as I wanted. I was looking for different practices and strategies for earning, learning from day to day and when I felt that I was earning and raising the deposit on a demo account, I decided to replenish the real account and earn real money, now I earn 50 thousand a day. My life is equipped, I buy cars, I rest as I want and with whom I want, my dreams become reality on the same day. That's the story of the earnings I wanted to share with you all.

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