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Good evening, dear friends. Every day the popularization of cryptocurrencies is gaining crazy momentum. Hundreds of thousands of people are registered daily on different exchanges in order to increase their capital by investing in a particular coin.

However, not many people now know that at the time of the birth of the idea of cryptocurrencies, its main purpose was not to invest, but the usual replacement of online payments with new decentralized payments. With which people would be able to purchase any goods with a minimum Commission, without the participation of third parties, as well as more safely, transparently and anonymously. However, over time, this function has faded into the background, to the fore came a great opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies as an investment, with long-term. Why did this happen?

Let's look at a very vivid example from the history of all of us familiar Bitcoin. I think many of you have heard or read the story about how in 2010 for 10 000 BTC two pizzas were bought. Then this purchase amount was almost worth nothing, but now, due to the growth and development of BTC, the cost of these coins was 50 000 US dollars. Just imagine how much money it is! That is why many market participants, having analyzed the history of past years, made the appropriate conclusions and came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to sell your assets so quickly and use them for direct value. Since in the future they can bring hundreds of thousands of times more profit than if they spent here and now, making them for any purchase.

On the basis of all this situation, the team of specialists came to the conclusion: why deny yourself something today? If you can skillfully interact with each other within a universal platform that will allow all users without exception to use the money here and now without selling their cryptocurrency assets. Interested? I think so! So let's take a quick look, what is this project and what are its advantages?

about the project
This project is called-MoneyToken. This project is a well-coordinated decentralized system, which is designed to issue loans secured by any cryptocurrency. Like this?

Let's look at a small example. Let's say you are an active user of the cryptocurrency market and in your Arsenal there is a small number of BTC, ETH or NEO, in fact it does not matter! You can have absolutely any cryptocurrency in which you see great prospects. But suddenly you have in life there are some unforeseen circumstances, which urgently need money, it can be anything. And you have no free funds in such volume, but money is very urgently needed. What to do? Sell their assets now is not very desirable, as in the future they can bring hundreds of times more profit than it is now. And then comes the help of the platform MoneyToken, which will give you a credit through its IMT tokens, which can be immediately withdrawn in Fiat ( $ ), secured by its cryptocurrency. The transaction will be executed with the help of a smart contract, which guarantees the transparency, reliability and security of the entire MoneyToken system. In the future, after the full repayment of the debt, the user receives back all his coins to the wallet in full, taking into account all changes and fluctuations of the exchange rate. Comfortable? Isn't it? I believe-very!

In fact, the project developers have tried their best, making your project as convenient and easy to use. To do this, they presented within their platform AI assistant – Amanda. The main function of which will be to help users, namely to make any automatic operations on the platform related to the provision of loans and their repayment.

Who is this platform focused on?
In fact, use the services of this platform can be absolutely anyone. However, for some segments of the market to these terms of engagement will be most sought-after and, after all, by the way:

Project developers believe that their platform is perfect for active investors and traders, both private and corporate. As for this category of people it is very important to be able not only to save their investment capital, but also to be able to quickly and on time to invest in developing projects, as well as in completely new ICO projects, using credit funds;

The second category can be attributed to all who are engaged in mining and its development. As practice shows, many banks refuse to lend such types of business. Nevertheless, this industry is growing from year to year. And with the advent of MoneyToken, I think it will start to grow even faster;

The third category will include all those who just want to quickly and with minimal costs to get cash, while distributing all their risks.

In this platform, MoneyToken can be used by users not only as a borrower, but also to act as a lender. I think it is very convenient and in demand for many large investors, as well as agencies and organizations.

Full benefits
Therefore, cooperation with this platform will be beneficial for everyone, as MoneyToken is fully adapted to the entire audience, taking into account all the wishes and requirements of modern users of the crypto-currency community.

But the main advantage of MoneyToken over traditional Banks is still:

no requirement to provide credit histories from the user;
fast and automatic loan approval, at the expense of AI assistant (Amanda), which will be devoid of the human factor, biased relationships and other hidden factors that are often found in the traditional banking system;
full transparency of all operations, their safety and immutability, under no circumstances;
another bright distinctive advantage of MoneyToken is the ability to take funds on the security of any cryptocurrency, while choosing for themselves the most optimal conditions of the agreement.
What I think is just an indispensable function in this project.
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ICO and project tokens
As you have already noticed, all functions performed within the MoneyToken platform will be implemented using the internal IMT token. Which was created on the basis of Ethereum (ERC-20). As for the ICO, it is already coming to an end today. About why I want to say only one thing, that in a short period of time with 2.05.18 year 6.06.18, the project has already collected more than $ 36 million! In fact, today you have all the chances to buy IMT coins at the price of ICO. The cost of which is $ 0.05 for 1IMT.

In conclusion, I want to say that I am very grateful to the development team for such a wonderful project and its concept in General. I will be happy to use it myself and recommend it to my friends, who are also active participants in the crypto-currency market.

Therefore, dear friend! I suggest you not to pass by MoneyToken, but rather to study all its technical documentation in more detail and take an active part in its development.

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