Cryptocurrencies have been around for almost a decade now, and it's only been a year or two since the humankind actually realized its worth and capabilities. Providing more security to your assets, transacting in lesser fee and making transactions quicker, cryptocurrencies have proved to transform finance for the good. Although cryptocurrencies possess some real potential, they are untrusted because of their highly volatile nature. Most of the times traders have lost huge sums just because they waited a tad bit too long before selling. For example, bitcoin reached almost $20000 last year and now it remains at $8000. It is expected to go even lower because someone is planning to sell all of his holdings in 137 Bitcoins (Yeah, 137!). A solution, which lets you take advantage of the potential of cryptocurrencies without the threat of its volatility is the need of the hour.

MoneyToken is a lending platform in which you can acquire loans in some stable currency, by staking (making collateral) your volatile cryptocurrency. The blockchain inspired platform focuses to help investors maintain their crypto positions, while in need for urgent liquid funds. For example, if you want some funds to, say buy a car. All you have in your bank are bitcoins. You can stake some bitcoins for acquiring the funds required in MoneyToken, and pay back the loan in fiat or digital currency, and receive your collateral back upon full repayment of the loan (even if the price varies greatly that the collateral is worth a lot more than the loan, you'll get you full collateral back!). This means that you got back whatever you staked, and also your goal (your car), and retained your investor status!

Take a look at Amanda
It is always better to have someone to help you in your time of need right? Meet Amanda.

She's the virtual assistant that is omnipresent in the MoneyToken platform, and she really does thing for you. Backed up by state of the art artificial intelligence algorithms, she can make intelligent conclusions based on your actions in the platform and help you make financial decisions. She can help you track the performance of your collateral, remind you about your dues, and do a lot more to make your experience using MoneyToken worth it. In a nutshell, she acts as the personal finance instructor and performance monitor. And the best thing? Unlike conventional financial experts, you don't have to pay her anything! Makes sense, because what could an AI possibly want.

Token Details
MTC is the native currency inside the MoneyToken platform. Users holding MTC can transfer it to other ERC20 wallets, transfer them to other users, or use it for trading in trading platforms.

Final Comments
The MoneyToken platform helps in investors finding real value for their holdings, without having to fear the losing of their investor position. One problem is not really addressed here, about what happens if a person doesn't pay back the loan but the collateral falls way beyond the minimum level? I think some mathematical model and constraints should be used here to make sure that both lenders and credit seekers get equal benefit out of the platform.

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