MONEYTOKEN - Decentralized Finance Ecosystem Of Virtual Assets

Hello everyone, in this new dipostingan I want to introduce about Moneytoken project, and for more details let's just go to the following discussion:

Money Token is a decentralized financial ecosystem of virtual assets that allows its investors to quickly take out loans for the amount of digital assets left in exchange, such as ETH, Btc and so on.

The platform is innovative in its kind, allowing you to leave your crypto assets as collateral and below the amount of these assets to receive stable assets (with low volatility).

Let's imagine that you have bitcoin, but it turns out you need urgent fiat funds, what would you do? Of course, you'll run into an exchanger and sell your assets, but you know that bitcoin costs $ 10k today, and tomorrow can catch $ 20k, so today's platform is made for it.

Thanks to this platform, you will leave the bitcoin there, and instead you will get dollars or other assets, after returning the loan to this platform, you will get your bitcoin back, the course has changed in a good or bad way. This example is more for investors, but that is if you are not an investor, but let's say you are a miner. All loans on this platform are held in smart contracts and are written by chain of custody, which ensures the transparency and reliability of all aspects of this platform.

The advantages of this model above the traditional ones:

Quick and automated loan confirmations on the platform, in just a few minutes;
Asset verification is not required, no credit history required;
The client has the option to choose from several conditions of the loan;
The ability to deposit collateral in multiple assets with crypto currency to stabilize the overall fluctuation of collateral and to reduce any increase in pressure on interest rates;
All operations on the platform are transparent;

Assessment of transparent collateral and value fluctuations.

Technical Characteristics of the Platform As I wrote earlier, Money Token uses smart eterium contracts to secure terms of agreement On the platform, there is a level 4 subscription protection, Guarantee is placed in a protected wallet, required 3/4 signature protection. One signature is from the borrower, the second from the creditor and the third and fourth from the MoneyToken service.

On the platform, you can not be a borrower and a lender, you can not borrow more than once. The developers of this campaign created their artificial intelligence on the "Amanda" platform, this artificial intelligence serves as an assistant and performs automatic operations on loan on the platform. It will also show the MoneyToken functionality before the platform launch officially.

All about loans:

The borrower can withdraw the loan currency from the system to use.
The borrower can repay the loan first.
The borrower can repay the loan partly before the time.
On the last day of the loan, the borrower may be able to extend the loan by making additional deposits.
Refund of the loan

In the event that the borrower pays the loan and repays the loan in terms stipulated in the contract, the deposit must be opened and transferred to the borrower's address. In the event that the borrower does not repay the loan on time and fails to comply with the obligations set out in the contract, part of the guarantee equivalent to the amount of payment must be opened and transferred to the platform address. The Platform may use part of the collateral to recover damages caused by the borrower's failure to comply with the terms of the contract.

The borrower will receive the remaining collateral. In case of collateral the borrower begins to depreciate and its value is estimated to be close to the cost of the loan, if stipulated by the terms of the contract, the borrower introduces an additional appointment or the early repayment part of the loan to reduce the collateral. The borrower does not do this, and the borrower's collateral continues to decrease in value (contract period until the loan is repaid), part of the deposit of the deposit in an amount equivalent to the amount of payment must be opened and transferred to the platform address. The platform may release some of the warranty to recover damages caused by the borrower's failure to comply with the terms of the contract. The borrower will receive the remaining collateral.

Economic model of IMT token

Token Functions

Privileged terms for platform users when depositing IMT to receive Borrower Membership.
Up to 60% discount on the platform fees for Borrower Membership. When using the discount from the user’s balance, the equivalent of 50% of the discount in USD is charged in IMT tokens.
The opportunity to become a lender when depositing IMT for Lender Membership.
Participation in decentralized voting.
Which currencies can be used to participate?



Name : MoneyToken
Symbol : IMT
Token Sale price : $0.005
Retail Sale price : $0.05
Max. emission : 20.044 Billion
Token sale

The Retail IMT price will be x10 higher from the final price on the Token Sale, since it isn’t limited and will increase in the future and will never be omitted lower than the Token Sale price. The funds received from the Retail sale will be transferred to the Safety fund to secure the lenders` interests. Safety fund mechanism is explained in detail in our Whitepaper. We will return funds if the soft cap will not be reached. All unsold tokens will be burned.


Token Distribution

To contribute and Know the progress of this offer, you may visit some of the following Links:


The bitcointalk name: Tuare agett

Profile link :;u=2019154

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