MonsterBit Blockchain Game ICO

Monster Bit offer a similar game, with the player getting function such as feeding, breeding and even the opportunity to grow their creature into a real fighting monster. With the beast, one can join fellow gamers and contest by pitching the monsters against each other for prizes such as weapons, food, or the monster itself.

The MonsterBit Prototype Composition
Monster Marketplace- get to buy and sell the monsters to other users and receive ETH in return.
Breeding- Monster Bit provides for the reproduction of big monsters while small monsters are receiving feeding options to become significant.
Food marketplace- with the small monsters requiring food to become big, players would need to purchase the particular food for their monsters to help them enlarge, recover or reproduce.
Toy store- MonsterBit also provides for a real online toy store for the players to order a toy of their favorite monster. The purchase is both in fiat and cryptocurrency (ETH and USD), with the monster owner receiving 15% of the toy cost.
Advertising monster- the monster creatures are available for advertising of goods and services which can earn the owner real money
Monster fights- players can organize fight matches between the monsters to gain food, weapons or tokens
How MonsterBit Blockchain Game Works
What does the Monster Bit player stand to gain?

Commissions- with MonsterBit having purchases and sales of the monster merchandise, users get to generate commissions for the sale of the toys.
Sell food- players looking to earn can also sell the monster food in the marketplace and receive ETH
Generate monsters from the Monsters GEN 0 portal and sell them for ETH
Sell weapons by generating blusters, refilling and selling them to other players for ETH
The fees for transactions on MonsterBit are also easily manageable with the game only charging 3.5% for the system
MonsterBit MB Token ICO Details
The ICO crowd sale features three rounds respectively:

1st round is finished
Sale: 1 000 000 MB
Price: 0.0002-0.0004 ETH
2 Round pre-sales
25.04.2018 – 25.05.2018
Sale: 2 000 000 MB
Price: 0.0005 ETH.
3 round SALE
26.05.2018 – 26.06.2018
Sale: 3 000 000 MB
Price: 1-2$
Token Distribution
Amount for sale- 6,000,000
Team- 1,250,000
Bounty- 250,000
Token Details
Ticker- MB
Platform- Ethereum
Accepts- ETH
Type- ERC20
Price- 1 MB=0.0002 ETH
Total supply- 7,500,000
MonsterBit Blockchain Game Conclusion
Overall the MonsterBit is a nice-looking crypto game that could present the much-needed enthusiasm within the crypto gaming world. However, there are plenty of other similar games, which is evident by the cloning of crypto kitties.

Despite this undeniable fact, it is evident that MonsterBit remains unique with its design and logic. That makes the game a more advanced project that could easily beat similar games, and it is only a matter of time before it attempts such a fate. But this is only achievable if MonsterBit put the right effort, time and investment to ensure their game becomes a hit. For now, it remains a project that we would need to watch for its progress.


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