What is MonsterBit?

Hi, my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project. Computer game developers with each new release of their software improve the performance requirements of the game engine. But this does not stop anyone, game lovers upgrade their computer and continue to transfer their favorite games. The passion, excitement and involvement of cyberspace does not stop at online games and when it comes to the next stage of the game, you need to buy new weapons or armor for your hero. , increase the level of magic or improve your health. In the game room is very common sale of characters and attributes, pumped them. All this is natural with real money. Seriously, game Lovers are investing thousands of dollars in online entertainment. All this cash flow eventually goes to game developers.

In this review, we will focus on a fairly new direction in the field of crypto industry — crypto-games, namely a new, developing MonsterBit project.
And this game is quite worthy to take its niche and win the love of the audience. These are funny monsters, very similar to those of the “Monsters Corporation”, which, unlike the “Cats” can generate food, grow from malf to large and fight among themselves for a free opportunity to eat. The similarity of these projects is that you can give monsters to make friends and get offspring, which you can then sell and get cryptocurrency.

And now a little bit of essence, what is the meaning of crypto games and who needs it?

Of course, the meaning of earnings. To play you need to buy a hero, in this case it is a crypt (as strange as it sounds). Later they were raised, crossed and brought new breeds, which were then sold for thousands of dollars. Crazy! - You say. That's possible. But it's the same gaming, passion, someone is willing to pay for having fun, and someone is willing to make money on it. For each transaction in the game developers take a Commission. So the developers CryptoKitties Studio AxiomZen was possible for a week to earn about $2.7 million. Users made 25 000 transactions, 20 500 cryptocurrencies with an average cost of $108 were sold. Do you like these numbers? Me, very! But over time, the popularity of any project is gradually declining, which means that users need to offer something new.

"Cosmetic" changes are not enough to attract the public and repeat the HYIP crypto-kittens, even half. Need cordinally new solutions, thanks to which the interest in the game will not disappear for a long time, that's what the team came up with MonsterBit.
The project team MonsterBit, decided to go the other way and made interesting additions to the game. The main meaning of the game will remain unchanged, our goal is to grow and cross monsters to get a rare instance, then sell it in the store. Well, now about the additions.

In MonsterBit in order to cross your monsters, they must first grow, that is, in MonsterBit will work the system of age of monsters, a new monster after crossing appears small and then gradually grows over time and gets the opportunity to cross. To speed up the growth of the monster can be using FOOD. With the help of food you can feed the monsters, as well as speed up the growth of a small monster. So the project will have elements from the old Tamagotchi game. The monster will sometimes want to eat. The post office will receive a notification that the monster is hungry, if it is timely to feed, get free some number of food. The food for your pet will have a price that depends on the value and uniqueness of your monster.

For additional monetization will be advertising monsters. Such monsters will appear in players randomly when crossing. People order advertising, advertising player with the monster takes the order and puts ads on this monster. Further, this monster is shown to other players on different pages of the MonsterBit website. The profit from such advertising will be divided as follows: 30% to developers and 70% to the owner of the advertising monster.

Growing up
Monsters are born small, in turn, the task of the player to grow his pet, so that he reached the level of reproduction. Agree that gradually to grow a monster is much more interesting, rather than always playing with the same cat. In the future, the player will be able to sell the monster, regardless of age, on the crypto exchange.

What are the catalysts of growth? The basis is taken of natural factors - it's food and time. Therefore, in order for a character to grow up, a certain amount of time must pass. In addition, the user must feed the monster, buying food from the internal store.

It is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of food. Invite new players or watch advertisements to get similar bonuses. This solution creates a balance between rich players and users, who basically invest a minimum of funds in MonsterBit.

Bright and unique design
In addition to the bright gradients of monsters, it is worth noting the fact that each monster has a unique facial expression. Therefore, there are no questions to developers regarding the visual component. Everything is done fairly well and thought out. In this regard, it is not surprising that the game is considered an unusually promising clone.

Here it is worthwhile to draw an analogy, with the previously mentioned game CryptoKitties, in which new characters appear after pairing. In MonsterBit, this process proceeds in almost the same way. The system divides the monsters into Gen generations. In addition, with a certain periodicity, Gen 0 is created, the cost of which is equivalent to the price of the last five characters + 50%.
Note that only adult monsters can reproduce. Reproduction occurs with a certain periodicity. Gradually, the waiting time increases. If you feed the character, then in the end you can significantly shorten the recovery period.

Interesting additions to the game
With the basic aspects figured out, but the developers have prepared several interesting additions, which also deserve the maximum attention of users.

To begin with, adult characters can participate in battles. Blasters are immediately used as weapons, and the winner of the battle will receive free food. In addition, in battles you can win monsters of various sizes. By and large, this mode allows you to get absolutely everything that is sold in the store for free.
As for blasters, they also need to be purchased in a store. Therefore, to participate in battles, the user has to invest a certain amount in the purchase of weapons.

Another non-standard addition is the appearance of advertising monsters. With the help of such characters, players will be able to promote their project, product or service. Each player will be able to supplement his monster with the goods from the advertiser, and in return receive a cash reward. This feature allows you to increase the level of popularity of the game, and also helps to attract funds.
Monetize MonsterBit

Commission fee from transactions made within the network - 3%.
Sale of characters with zero level, which are created by the system with a certain periodicity.
The sale of food, allowing to accelerate the growing period and the waiting time before breeding.
The sale of blasters and special energy to weapons, all this is required to participate in the battles.
30% of the funds received from advertising monsters.

There will also be an online store where anyone can order a copy of the monster you like, you will make a beautiful soft toy out of it. The owner of the virtual pet, from which the soft toy was ordered, will receive 15% of the cost of the toy. Pay for the toy will be in dollars or air.

Additionally, the game will introduce "monster fights", it's great variety of gameplay. Players will be able to bet everything that can be bought in the game, including the monsters themselves, then they come together in a battle where the monsters will come together in a hot shootout of blasters, the winner takes EVERYTHING! The blasters-will buy, who abruptly Blaster - in fact more chances to win!

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