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Let us introduce you MonsterBit. It is a blockchain game. The new word in the gaming industry. It is a clone of the most successful cryptogame – the CryptoKittens clone, but even a much more interesting one. In case you don’t know, the CryptoKittens is a game, where people buy e-kittens and breed them altogether, get one more kitten and sell. The point is that all kittens are unique. Some distinct creatures worth a few hundred thousand of US dollars.

Yes, just a seldom picture can worth such a huge amount of money. Do you say that the world has gone crazy? Yes, I am agree with you. So let’s earn money on this craziness!

Monsterbit offers you exactly to do this. Here you have to feed and grow up your monster, and only then breed it. The most interesting feature in the game is that you do not simply grow up your creature to sell, but grow up a real fighting monster. With which you can fight other gamers for all the values in the game. Foght for food, weapons and the monster itself. It is very cool!

There will be also advertising monsters in the game. I.e. your monsters will be advertising goods, and you will earn real money on it. One more unique future of the game is the e-shop of the real stuffed toys. Monster owner gets 15% return on the sale of a toy

Participate in the ICO and become investor of the best blockchain game year 2018.

Game industry continues to grow in size and in capital. However, some companies are exploring the possibility of building games around the blockchain, which will allow them to take advantage of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Whether it’s a card game, MMO or RPG - all of them can use virtual currencies.

Assets on the blockchain

In recent years, games have been using such blockchain features as wallets or tokens. Players get more secure ownership of the items or money they collect or buy. With the record in the blockchain, the player receives the guaranteed right of ownership, which gives value to the items both for the owner and for other players.

Blockchain will turn over the gaming industry: top 4 reasons

The technological revolution is coming up. We expect the beginning of the revolution to be set by blockchain – same technology which shook the currency market some years go. All the advantages helped to heat the Bitcoin value up to $4000 for one “coin” are going to be implemented in the game world. Let us tell you what is to be changed by blockchain.

  1. The blockchain will transfer power to the players

  2. The blockchain will keep your anonymity

  3. The blockchain will help indie developers

  4. The blockchain will combine game and real currencies.

CRYPTOKITTIES —the most popular blockchain game
Official web-site -

This project is based on the cryptocurrency Etherium. Its popularity achieved such heights so that in just few weeks “The CryptoKitties” took 15,4% of the entire Etherium system traffic. But obviously the most important feature of this game is the opportunity to earn money. In total, players have invested in this project more than $ 3.2 billion!

MONSTERBIT — is just a super cool clone of Cryptokitties with its own add-ons


Bright gradient characters - unique Monsters. In addition to different gradients, the DNA of monsters includes a huge number of facial expressions, which will make the new monster visually even more unique.

Growing up

Unlike Cryptokitties our monsters are born small and you need to grow them up to be able to breed them. Growing up a monster is far more interesting than if you just get a usual cat. You can sell monster of all ages on market.

Monster growth is accelerated by 2 factors – time and food.

That means it takes some time for monster to be born and grow up. To accelerate monsters growth, you need to feed them by the food bought in the system inner shop.

Just like in Cryptokitties game new monsters appears through interbreeding Here, there is a division into generations of «Gen». Also, every certain time the system generates a monster Gen 0, the price of which is equal to the average price of the last 5 monsters +50%.

Only big monsters can be breeded. The possibility of reproduction is limited by time and the further, the longer time is needed. To reduce this recovery period, users can feed monster with food.


After the implementation of the main base, we planned to create two unique


Monster fight and blasters

Adult monsters can organize a blasters battle for food, for blasters themselves and for monsters of different sizes a

Advertising monsters

Here we will offer to advertisers to advertise their products with the help of monsters. The user who wants to join the system will be able to supplement his monster with goods of one or the other advertiser and get paid for it. This step will greatly increase interest in the game and further increase


  • 1 Only 20% of all monsters of the system are able to advertise the product.

  • 1 Advertising monsters are a special attribute.

  • 1 The algorithm for the advertising monsters advent will be classified.

Real Toys

MonsterBit is the real plush and plastic toys online store. Anyone can order a toy from any monster.

We arrange delivery to the house. The monster owner will receive 15% of the toy cost.

Toys will be sold in dollars and in ethereum. This will not interfere an underlying game process. As far as there will be its own interface to order the toy. It will be possible to order a small, medium and large monster. We will keep all the pictures.




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