Visualize this scenario; you have already paid a subscription to a streaming site, but you are unable to access certain content since it is not available in your location. So, in addition to paying exorbitant fees for the subscription, you must also deal with the fact that you cannot access everything you want. Monvid has created the ultimate video streaming site to solve all these problems. Find out more information here below.

Monvid ICO – Unique Approach To Video Streaming
Monvid plans to use two distinct methods for providing reliable, unlimited and unrestricted video streaming, which are peer-to-peer sharing and proxy streaming. Its aim is to bypass all censorships and restrictions placed on video content all over the world. By harnessing the decentralized nature of blockchain technology, Monvid will be able to provide uses with significantly better services than what is available on the market today.

P2P Video Sharing
Under the P2P sharing platform, content creators will have an opportunity to easily share their videos with the community for free. Community members can then reward the creators with MVID tokens. Creators with high quality content will be able to earn more token rewards on the Monvid platform. The advantage of P2P streaming is that it is flexible and transparent.

Proxy Streaming
One significant wain in which internet access is restricted across the world is through geo-blocking, whereby access is limited to people within a certain geographical location. Monvid enables its users to easily bypass these geographical restrictions without having to compromise on reduced internet speed as is usually the case when using a VPN. Furthermore, Monvid’s platform is secure and fast, thus providing a more enjoyable viewing experience.

What About The Competitors?
Monvid is entering a market segment with some of the strongest competitors, including Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube among others. Nevertheless, the company still believes that they have something unique to offer and they welcome the challenge of facing these established competitors. The fact that Monvid offers more freedom and access without restrictions is actually quite helpful as these are issues that other competitors have trouble providing their clients. So, people seeking diversity and access to a broader range of content could end up moving to Monvid.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Monvid?
Cheap – Content creators will be paid based on their output, thus eliminating the need for subscription costs.
Improved privacy – Monvid is built on the blockchain technology which ensures that every user’s data is always safe and also provide encrypted data transfers.
No ads – With Monvid you get to enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted watching experience without any advertisements
What Are The Challenges Of Using Monvid?
The Monvid platform will face the challenge of adoption in remote regions where internet access is usually slow. Furthermore, the platform does not have a mobile app that could help users stay updated on new videos from creators. However, since it is still in its initial stages of development, these challenges will likely be addressed in future iterations of the platform.

Monvid Final Thoughts
The application of blockchain in video streaming shows a lot of promise, especially regarding the delivery of cheap and unrestricted content to users. Monvid is a truly transformative project and it should help people access video streaming services from anywhere in the world.


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