Believe yourself, your fear will be broken

Life isn't a bed of roses. Everything is a test in life like job, marriage and failures. But what is fear? Is it a part of our life? I think it's an illusion or always thinging negatives. Can we really overcome from fear? Obviously we can overcome from fear. We just need to free our mind and follow some small tips.

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  • Always think positive: In our daily life we are involving with many sectors. We want success but don't get success everywhere because we aren't perfect. Some people always worry about their failures and be fearful. Think positive then be positive. If you believe it then you realize fear is nothing.

  • Control your emotion: We humans are emotional. Sometimes we face something that makes us emotional but we should never be over emotional.

  • Never show your weakness: I suggest you that never show your weakness to others. Your weakness is your fear.

  • Talk with your friends: Talking with your friends removes your aloneness. It enhances your confidence and makes you brave and happy.

  • Pray to God:Meditation is the best way to control ourselves as I believe prayer to God improves our self-confidence as we overcome from fear.

  • Watch movies: Don't think more. If you feel alone, i suggest to watch movies like Mission Impossible, James Bond or Jhon Wick. How Ethan Hunt, James Bond or Jhon Wick be successful though they have a deadly mission. We can learn a lot from these movies.

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