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Now online stores in which it is possible to buy any goods began to enjoy wide popularity without leaving the house. It has led to decrease in number of buyers in stationary shops from small pavilions to large shopping centers.

Decrease in consumer demand brings shops to an unprofitable state - they become unprofitable and are forced to be closed.

Today I would like to submit on your review the interesting project – MOZO. It is the project which is designed to make life of ordinary people simpler and will bring trade to new level. For an example we will consider shopping. I like to walk on shopping centers in turn owners of shops are glad to each buyer. That buyers became even more and campaigns on outlets became more interesting the team of professionals has decided to realize the idea – to become a part of special network. Participants of process will receive benefit in the form of tokens for purchase of things, their viewing or any other actions. And tokens can be turned into discounts, bonuses, etc. And so friends, MOZO is a block project for retail sellers and the enterprises. He is created that they could control the foot traffic using a blockchain Efirium.
How does it work?
It is the most important question. How can owners of retail chain stores increase the number of visitors in the shops thanks to the cryptocurrency project?

The point is that people who will look through production something to buy or will just come to an institution, will receive Mozo Tokens for it. As coins in the long term can be rather valuable it will begin an additional incentive to come back to shop again and again.
Accumulating tokens of Mozo it is possible to participate in various transactions to receive discounts, etc. At the same time Mozo-token can't be got they ERC-20 coins, working in Ethereum Blockchain. In other words the only way to receive them – to go to shop or to buy. And issue of tokens is limited in 5 billion units. And the release of additional coins isn't provided.
After the system starts working to the full extent, the acquired tokens of Mozo can be used as the program of remuneration. Such procedure:
• Load the application;
• Carry out purchase of Mozo;
• Receive tokens on a digital purse;
• Distribute coins as it is favorable to you.
Owners of tokens choose as to distribute them according to the strategy. And this system works not only in outlets. She will be effective for example for development of tourism of the whole countries. Of course on condition of global use. So far it is only interesting let and the perspective project which thousands.

Whether is though some communication with Bitcoins?
Bitcoins are the most popular cryptocurrency in the world and most of people judge new projects as about continuation of Bitcoin. But Mozo has almost nothing in common with this cryptocurrency except the natural family relations existing between all digital coins.
At this project much more close connection with Efirium what by me it was already mentioned. Coins of Mozo belong to type of tokens ERC-20 that is work at Efirium's blockchain at the same time practically without depending in anything on him.
Thus I can approve Mozo Tokens it is a separate individual token other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. But at the same time thanks to the attitude towards category of coins of the ERC-20 type the token is easily transferred between networks.

What else I was interested in this project in
The platform very interesting but I will try to allocate several factors which really were pleasant to me:
• First of all it is the improbable horizons which open before the user. Already now more than 38 thousand shops are ready to use Mozo. In the long term for three years it is quantity will increase already up to 300 thousand shops. And soon will become an integral part of the world market working in more than in 90 million outlets. At the same time the annual stream will make 2,6 trillion visitors. Thanks to this platform in the long term foot traffic already in a couple of years will grow by 20%.
• Large number of strong partners. Versace (Asia), "Wanda Group", "361 Degrees", "TOBESOFT", "Alignment Ventures", "Singulariteam", "Gatecoin", "Crypto IB".
• Successful conducting testing. The application was tested for a month and by responses of users about pilot shops generally positive.
• Cool novelties. For example intelligent sensors for the best shopping. Everything that is necessary for their use – the Mozo application and the simplest intelligent mayakovy sensor. The idea managed to be realized thanks to cooperation of Mozo with the Chinese company 361 ˚.

And in conclusion I want to tell

Well and at last developers don't offer the crude concept. Their project has stable base and is quite ready to work.

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