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Today the speech about such direction as management of crypto assets will go. Agree very important point today there is a management of the finance at the same time digital. Still yesterday it hasn't been so developed but already today development all goes forward and it requires absolutely new solutions. Those projects which we have now not always can please what is required from the modern market. And often they I have enormous restrictions and defects which haven't been considered at start of the project. And so today the project which has the name MPCX has to solve the given problem. Now we about I am mute and we will talk.
About the project:
This project realizes in itself a possibility of management of your digital assets at the same time without having any restrictions that is very important for this sphere. At the same time the team of developers promises to make the platform of the most clear available and the most important transparent that is very important too. As you could notice every day of crypto currencies to avoid more and more and modern projects can't process purely physically such quantity but this project will become an exception and will be entirely directed to the solution of these problems.


MPCX is the decentralized platform of financial services the based on a block chain and its ultimate goal to unite all financial services connected with cryptocurrency on the uniform platform. In the short term of MPCX will create the decentralized ecosystem for satisfaction of market demand in the field of management of a portfolio of digital assets to offer innovative and high-quality services to "innovative investors" in the market of cryptocurrencies.

MPCX breaks the purposes into stages for the correct development and easy performance.

Stage 1: Platform of management of digital resources and assets
Stage 2: Exchange of cryptocurrencies
Stage 3: Platform of digital banking and adjustable management of the capital.
By the end of a stage 3 MPCX would create a full-fledged functional ecosystem with completely digital decisions which will allow clients to receive high-quality services in trade and management of the capital

What will be such special and unusual on this project? Let's try to understand. And so, main features of this platform:

  1. First of all of course it would be desirable to note that how osvedomlyonny user will become all information on his crypto finance will be flown down to one place and for this reason the user will be most armed with information.

  2. Also on this project there will be a special section in which you will be able to get access to unique information connected with various projects and x sales. Too rather interesting function for brave investors who look for information on new and perhaps perspective projects.

  3. In addition on this project also the credit component will be available. You will be able to obtain the credits in crypto currency that is extremely convenient if suddenly very much it was required, and there is no place to take.


Now I suggest to consider the section of sales of this project. We will designate highlights:
The token of this project will be called XDMC.
The minimum purpose of sales at this project makes: 1000 ETH.
The maximum purpose of sales at this project will make: 12 500 ETH.
In total it is planned to release XDMC tokens: 999 950 416 tokens of XDMC
The price for this token will be: 1 ETH = 30 998 XDMC

MPCX believes that in blockchain technology there is a high destructive potential and ICO the initial offer of coins it is an innovative way of attraction of resources necessary for development and project management on a basis a blockchain. And for this reason MPCX has started an own token under the name XDMC which will be used for fee and participation in development of the platform. Besides MPCX will have the program of remunerations for holders of tokens through system which will share 50% of the profit got on the platform

The MPCX platform will use blockchain technology as base and will aggregate all services the provided MPCX in which in one place will be presented:

Completely integration with digital clients for cost cutting and providing cheaper, fast and high-quality services to clients;
Exchange with TOP 100 market crypto - coins on capitalization volume;
Depository and portfolio decisions for safety of client funds;
Cryptocurrency payments, transactions and bank decisions;

ICO advance
MPCX considers that diversification and transparency are key factors in the long-term growth of investments and successful communication with investors - At the first stage of development they offer several unique products of management of digital wealth (DWM) which have been created for innovative investors. The solution of creation three cryptoinvestment the index will increase diversification, efficiency and profitability of a portfolio


Financial services of MPCX will be suitable for the beginning investors.
Novice users shouldn't understand in the crypto market, the MPCX system will make everything for them.
The program will be able to calculate all possible risks and already based on the obtained data the beginning investor independently will make the decision where to invest the assets. Investors shouldn't choose between a set of projects as all projects will be collected on the MPCX platform
Development of this company will be in three stages - it is creation of the platform for management of cryptocurrencies, development of cryptocurrency of the exchange and creation of the platform with the system of digital banking and function of regulation of the investments.
The MPCX company will release the tokens for attracting investors and for creation of all this system. When the token gains steam that will be used for services which are offered by the MPCX company.

You still have time to jump in the leaving train then not to be whipping the cat. The project and the command in general work adequately, there is a high probability that the project in the future will show from the good party Moscow was under construction not at once - everything will be gradually, I envy those who has understood it earlier.
I suggest to follow the links in the description and will get acquainted with the project closer, I will attach all addresses on official sources below thank you that has read up up to the end and if after read there were questions that don't hesitate to set them under the description of this project.

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