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Welcome to the premier of Spotlight.

What is Spotlight?

Spotlight is a series where we shine the spotlight on new up and coming artists daily.

We start out with the very talented Khris Lee,
A hip hop artist from South Carolina.
I encourage you to play his song Killer Ultra before we contuine.

Khris Lee Grew up in the dizzy Gillespie projects of Cheraw, South Caroline.
Inspired by his older brother Khris started to rap to tag along with the big boys.
Khris is not afraid of being different and embraces his nerd side, sprinkling sci-fi and comic book references in his raps.

A message from the artist

Khris Lee

I'm an artist who loves to try new sounds and step outside the box. I love all types of music and I put it all into my own creations.
I make music because it gives me a platform to share my knowledge and thoughts on issues, and stories about my life.

Get in touch with Khris Lee and check out more of his music.

Check him out on SoundCloud
Reverb nation

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