Covers that are better than the original (IMHO)

Oeeeeee, a touchy subject entered my mind as I was listening to the Dutch radio today where currently one of the new hottest songs is a remake of an old Dutch classic( Frenna covered Abel ). People have an opinion about it, divided from the song is raped to finally somebody made a decent remake from this monstrosity

Covering a song is always a bit difficult for some reason, but we have to be honest to say that so many remakes of a song a actually better than the original, maybe because it was molded into a whole new jacket, and that was just what the song needed. My opinion? When taking care of all the music rights, it is fully allowed to to use something and shape it into something new.

After all, also a lot of food recipes get better when you experiment with them, so why not try this on music?

Back to the now! (oke also 20 years back)

In my playlist today the version of ‘Dont you forget about me’ of Life of Agony passed by. I really love this song in this version, the only thing what is not my favorite is that is starts really slow. You have to bite a bit through this first 2 minutes but after that but later into the end this song gets stronger and stronger.

Now to the Simple Minds version

It starts fresh from the beginning, diving right in there but then it keep steady while the Life of Agony version picks up and totally takes off! Both versions have their charms!

I am curious about your opinion about these songs guys, and your opinion about covers in general!

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