Do you also have that? Typical songs for stuff?

In the end I guess us humans are all creatures of habit. Maybe not all of us, but I always seem to cling on to certain pattern in my own behavior. Perhaps this is because I change the rest of my life so often, that I hold on to certain things to remember who I really am. Or possibly this is just seeking for comfort. Or maybe more people have more this kinds of patterns, but they don't realize this and I am over analyzing my own behavior

You decide ;)

I typically see this back in the music I listen to.

When I am lower on energy, I am noticing that before I walk out the door I turn on Moby to motivate myself to go back into active mode. This song is high energy and an old classic, lets admit it. By the time the end of the song reaches I am ready to smash something, and that means I am good to go outside in my best behavior. No, not to actually smash anything, but to be awake again hahahahaha.

Before I go out in the evenings, this will be a typical song that I will play before actually stepping out of the door. Clothes check, make up check, Karin is ready to rumble. Good vibes all over. How can you have a bad vibe after listening to this Don't stop me now!!!

Are you too late for your appointment??? Just play this in your car and you will be sharp like a knife speeding through traffic (Which ofcourse I would never do here in Switzerland because A: I don't have a car, and B: You will be fined as you have never seen before by the police here!) I literally used to do this when I was on the verge of being late for something. Just play this song on repeat in the car and I would be right on time in the end!

And now my question rises... Do you guys also do that, play typical songs for certain moments or are these really the signs for me that I am a a nerdy type who just loves to do stuff always in the same way :D

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