Musical Alphabet Weekendchallenge

Most of my musical posts are always about music involving guitars. But today it is time for something different. A couple of weeks back I saw this musical alphabet from @verhp11 and I really liked seeing what he had in store there. Now today I am having a totally different playlist than normal because I am glued to my couch for winter reasons.

I am noticing this list isn't what I would normally listen to, but apparently this is the weekend vibe that I am in, so why not share it with you guys! I invite you to share your weekend playlist as well! Let's go!

Always Loved a Film - Underworld

Always nice to start the list the around way around but the A- artists werent doing it for me today! hahahaha. Underworld, you gotta love em. Their 'Barking' album never left, and this is one of chill songs from it. PS, never go to a Underworld show in Holland, hipsters will one stand and be cool. Go to Belgium, people know how to do a proper show there!

Black Beatles - Rae Sremmund

This song was a phat hit on Sint Martin island last year, also having a lot of soca spin offs during Carnival, but nothing beats the original. The tune....its about the tune.....'I think she trolling '

Chet Faker - Im into you

Ever tried putting this song on on a date? Do try, and see what happens :D

Disclosure- Defeated no More

This my friends, might just be my all time favorite song ever. The key as always is to play it loud and let your heart take over the mind. Think about dancing the night away while getting stronger and more confident. Everything is just right in this song. While driving, while chilling, while exercising, there is not a single occasion that does not suite this song.

Elbow - Magnificent

Just the voice of this man already makes you never want to leave your CD player. But this song particularely gives such a feeling of hope for some reason? I listened to it a lot after the hurricane a lot last yeah, thinking about how 'she' (the island) would be magnificent again.

French Montana - Unforgettable

I dont even know how I came across this song recently but it is one that has been returning a lot. Always a perfect keep-it-going-beat for doing active stuff!

Groove Armada - Superstylin

Years and years back I had to drive a friend home after he had too much of the glasses, and while stepping in his fully loaded and tuned Alpha Romeo I just gave gas with my baby toe and we were driving 160 km/h already with THIS song on the background. I was only missing the Ocean Boulevard with palmtrees, but big pimping right there hahahaha.

Home Again- Kensington

A lot of people will not know this Dutch band, but these guys actually make really sweet music. Have a similar voice to the dude of Kings of Leon but staying a little less weird, this band has dropping by a lot in my playlist this week. Maybe because I visited Holland, I guess?

Imagine Dragons

This song was used a lot by the Dutch NOS as background music for the Olympics two years ago, which it suits it perfect I find. Achieving something at the cost of everything, ow yes!

Junkie XL - Today

This dude transferred from his normal music to making music for videogames, which he also did super good, but this is one of his last 'single' songs.

Kygo- Firestorm

This song is really THE definition of living the Caribbean life and spending your Sundays on Mullet Bay Beach with friends, barbequeing, having a sip and watching the sun set. Nice thought while sitting with a big ass cold on the couch in winter wonderland hahahahahaha

Living Color- Cult of Personality

For some reason I saw these older gentlemen multiple times playing live, and they have never disappointed one second. Quality artists!

Major Lazer - Get Free

Once you have spent some time in the Caribbean then you only see how popular these guys are. Stories of how the legendary 'Soggy Dollar Bar' almost caved in during their show are still circulating.

No church in the wild- Kanye West/Jay-z

Coming from the 'Watch the Throne' album this album has a loooooot of masterpieces on it. Everybody know Niggaz in Paris ofcourse, but actually song like 'who gon stop me' 'murder to excellence' and 'H.A.M.' are waaaaay better I find

OT Quartet- Hold That Sucker Down

Everybody who grew up in the 90s will know this song, but I think this is still a timeless classic. With a bit of remastering this song would still be up to speed in these days as well

Prodigy- Omen

Next week the Prodigy is playing in Zurich which is like a home game, so I am still in an internal debate if I should go or not. But its in a stadium....I dont know...

Rihanna- Love on the Brain

Honestly, I thought Rihanna had covered this, because her original song sounds like such a classic Artha Franklinish song, but apparently it is really hers. Maybe I like the dance-remixxes even more, but the original is also a gem

Queens of the Stone Age - First it Giveth

God I don't even know what song of QOTSA to choose, because there are so many I define as awesome listeners! 'Make it wichu' 'I saw by the Ocean' were also potentials in this one for sure!

Streets - Its too late

Actually everything from their 'Original Pirate Material' album is Gold, but this song is so sad, its beautiful! 'I waited for a while,Listening to her voice mail,Mind set sail,Then the facts turned me pale,Wind, rain, hail,My fears unveiled for my fair female,She'd walked away'


For years we started preparing our surgical rooms on this song EVERY Tuesday. Need I say more?

Under your Spell- Desire

Coming from the 'Drive' soundtrack ( have never listened to it ?? Who ARE you! Nice right from me to bring up this overhyped album again), this is a song that always reminds me of the days before I left Holland a couple of years back. Sitting in the train in the mist, waiting before I could take my flight into the next phase of life. It is a song that makes me sad, and happy at the same time I guess.

Vitalic - Stamina

After seeing this dude play in the rain at Tomorrowland, I was totally hooked on his heavy beats. Maybe it was the combo of the rain, the lack of sleep and the crowd that made this moment so epic, but I never forgot. Dont mind the video, it is dumb :D

White Lies - Streetlights

Everything about White Lies is dark. There is nothing enlighting about these guys, but maybe that is why I like their songs so much.

XO Tour Llife - Lil Uzi Vert

This video is utterly moronic, but damn I really like the beat in the song, and the tainted voice for some reason.

You blocked me on Facebook and now you are going to die (AKA Knifeparty - Internetfriends)

I used this song as a background tune the first time I ever editted a video so maybe that is why it is popping up again, since I have been looking into video editting programma this week. Apart from that, this song makes you get speeding tickets.

Zhu- Faded

Actually every Zhu song as well as Kygo is perfect for chilling on the beach as well as for clubbing.

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