Learn to DJ - Part 4 - The Bobcat Scratch

The Bobcat Scratch or The Joe Cooley Scratch

Welcome to the 4th installment of Learn to DJ. In this lesson we will be covering the Bobcat Scratch.

The Bobcat Scratch is my favorite. I learned this scratch by listening to LL Cool J's Jack The Ripper. LL's DJ Bobcat performed this scratch flawlessly and with great precision. In my mind, if a DJ can perform this scratch then he is probably a pretty good scratch DJ or Turntablist.

Watch the video below and I'll walk you through the steps. This scratch will take a lot of practice to learn and more to master, but it is achievable. Trust me I know.

Watch the tutorial below for instruction. If you have any questions, please leave comments in the reply area.

Thanks, @pairmike aka DJ Yo!

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