BitSong: The First Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology



This platform desires to provide opportunities for the advertisers so they can reach their target market thereby avoiding intermediaries who use to boom the marketing fees.

The platform is going to make it in a manner wherein the artists can get hold of donations in BTSG tokens,they can convert this tokens to cash and may use it to sponsor the improvement in their very own tune.

they'll get sales from the advertisement generated by way of their song after which resell the songs. Fund gotten via bitsong token can be credited to the artist pockets right away and that they may be able to withdraw it.

first of all the artists used to watch for numerous months before a document label may be sends for numerous reviews but with the bitsong platform every issue have alternate the artists not wait once more and they could take a look at the development of their paintings in real time at once inside his ethereum wallets.

Bitsong is the primary ever decentralized tune streaming platform this is built at the ethereum blockchain. This platform is largely constructed to benefit both musicians and the listeners.

The listeners are been given the opportunity to access new music and additionally even for every play. in line with the bitsong platform,every musician may be relieved as their paintings will reach its target audience without any terrible have an effect on preventing them.

The BitSong Decentralized Music Streaming Blockchain Solution

BitSong has numerous measures that it plans to put into effect with a view to maximize a musician’s potential. primarily based on BitSong’s white paper, artists:

  • no longer want a document label to upload tune
  • gets sales from the marketing generated by one’s track
  • Can resell songs and use on social networks to construct a fan-based totally loyalty
  • Will acquire on the spot bills
  • may have a higher concept as to the related prices while not having to spend in excess

All of the listed factors above are said to be viable due to BitSong’s use of the Interplanetary file system (IPFS). IPFS is a peer-to-peer disbursed report system that brings together all computer gadgets into one. In doing so, a high-throughput block garage might be supplied, as well as content addressing with hyperlinks to them. similarly, artists can now distribute their work on their personal, not ought to fear approximately others copying their paintings and contents might be loaded at a far faster price, that may shop external bandwidth.

BitSong Competitive Advantages

Lightening-speed Transactions
to conquer the time taken through song artists to receive their rewards, BitSong platform will ensure artists get their payments as quickly as possible.
Ability To Monitor Ones Project in Real-time
Thanks to blochain’s transparency, artists can not depend upon file labels for updates over their tasks. this will en able them to make important corrections along the line and improve on their works. in addition, it's going to give music producers the potential to make projections on the discharge of their songs.
Bypass Third-parties
With BitSong, advertisers will unfettered get entry to to a robust and global platform to put it on the market their products without having to pay exorbitant charges. moreover, through the blockchain's capability to automate far flung transaction procedure, BitSong will join advertisers without delay to their audience efficaciously and correctly, giving them complete autonomy over their contents.
Plagiarism Intolerance
Given the large plagiarism mission in the media and amusement enterprise,discouraging creativity amongst innovative creators. however, with the advent of BitSong, track artists can now get a fair reward to their work while not having to deal with piracies, IP robbery among others.

BitSong BTSG Token & ICO Details

The BitSong token, BTSG is the foreign money of this respective platform and can be used for creating a sponsorship or donation, shopping for songs, tickets and merchandises, making votes, and other essentials. An exciting of BitSong’s that users might be interested in is their potential to receives a commission for listening. mainly, users can be paid for the “user attention”, this is, whenever one listens to the classified ads, she or he can be paid for it.
In terms of the preliminary Coin offering, it's miles said to commence someday among mid and cease of can also 2018, wherein forty seven% of its tokens can be allotted. The final 1/2 could be distributed among its reserve budget, group, airdrops, advisors, partnerships and bounty. in the meanwhile, a fixed price is but to be found out.

PRE-ICO 05/21/2018
Bonus: 30%
Duration: 7 days
Hard Cap BTSG: 15,000,000
PUBLIC SALE: 05/28/2018
Bonus: 20%
Duration: 14 days
Hard Cap BTSG: 10,000,000
Symbol: BTSG
Initial Value: 0.062 $ = 1 BTSG
Type: ERC20

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