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Sport… Some people like it, some do not. We all have our favourite kind of sport to do or, at least, to watch. I think you can hardy find a person who is not interested in sport at all. We all wish our team good luck at Olympic Games or at some sort of international competition.

As long as the Internet has also become a huge part of our life, the online fantasy sports industry has experienced stable growth every year. For you to see the real scale I can say that this industry has more than $7 billion of annual revenue and more than 59 million users in the US and Canada in 2017 alone. But I think it is no secret for you that this sphere of our life has a certain disadvantages, such as uncertain legal statuses, high marketing budgets, complicated user verifications, money withdrawal problems, and complex interfaces and more, much more. I am sure you are familiar with the fact that there are a number of monopoly scandals happened now and then and there is the inability to challenge the tough laws and regulations that control the business of fantasy sports.

Someone can easily put up with it, maybe. Well, I am not that kind of person, so I started to look for a suitable project or platform in order to avoid the disappointing and irritating factors I have told you about previously. And, luckily my friend advised me MyDFS.

MyDFS is a blockchain-based daily fantasy sports solution that connects sports fans around the world with a transparent, so easy to use platform. You know, I can not even say that it is some kind of competitor in the market of industry leaders. It is more a leader of a new industry.

Let me explain why I am so happy about MyDFS. First of all, it adds maximum transparency by using the blockchain and smart contracts for every part of the platform, from player trades to receiving your winnings. ¬You cannot argue that it is a major fact. Safety is guaranteed by using ERC-20 Ethereum-based cryptocurrency tokens. They replace real money in the game, so you can play with complete strangers from different countries without any worries, relaxed and simple enjoying the process of playing. By the way, the gaming process is also simple and straightforward, which attracts more sport fans to fantasy.

MyDFS is very intuitive understandable and easy to use, as it runs on mobile phones. You can use their tokens to play and you can exchange them for other cryptocurrency of fiat money. Besides, MyDFS team is pioneering player brokerage to let casual users to share prize pool with Pro. Well, I think we should say our sincere “thank you” to uTrener and KHL Fantasy applications creators. They have done an outstanding work!
As it was stated in the beginning of our conversation, there are some problems and regulations that prevent fantasy sports from going truly borderless. You never know, whether the game requires your skills or just your luck, as a rule games have a high standard of legality when using fiat money. Both of these problems are solved by introducing new tokens, which can be purchased during MyDFS pre-ICO and ICO rounds or exchanges using other currencies.

You need to remember that the platform exclude fiat money and everything connected with them to make it safe and enjoyable for every country in the world. Thanks to blockchain technology, you will never ever again need to stick with insider gaming, bots and other cases of unfair playing by letting users and regulators check the system’s game data and transaction at any moment.

Another advantage of using MyDFS is a streamlined user experience. Many platforms are built on the existing approaches to the fantasy sports user experience, but MyDFS went further. They worked with real sport fans of different ages and with different sports knowledge to carry out their own user tests. That helped them to create the best platform I have ever seen.

To make the service more pleasant, the team made fast user verification, So, now you don’t need to go through complicated, long and tiring procedures, you can just authorize by using the email and your cryptocurrency wallet. As simple as that. It doesn’t matter which country you are from or which nationality you are — MyDFS is for everyone.

In addition, you can be sure that your transaction would be fast and worry-free. Once again, thaks to the decentralized nature of blockchain protocol, smart contacts and the coins instesd of fiat money, you can buy or sell your token almost instantly. No middlemen in the process — every transaction is properly verified and executed quickly. All the documents you need are publicly accessible and validated by the crypto community. The smart contacts are constantly being audited, improved and changed.

If simple playing on the platform is boring for you, you can always try yourself in investment and use MyDFS’s brokerage technology to invest in other fantasy players and share your winnings. This function is also maintained by smart contacts, so, as usual, you are going to feel safe. The players will never ever be able to use your money for anything except playing the games they have agreed to take part in.
In conclusion, I want to say that MyDFS can offer soccer, ice hockey, basketball and football games. However, it does not mean that they can’t accept any other sport activity. On the contrary, the platform allows for easy integration with any sport. There have already been experience doing this with cricket and basketball. The platform works with well-known sports data providers who use a distributed network of data scouts and data collection centers. New sports can be easily added to MyDFS, so you will always see the freshest, highest quality data.

As you can see, MyDFS offers a variety of modes and games, you can enjoy your playing without any worries. IOS or Android, a smartphone or a tablet or a PC — you can use what is the most convenient for you and play wherever you want. Olympic games in Russia in 2018 are just around the corner — get ready with MyDFS!

Do not miss MyDFS token sale on the 16th of April — they only sell them to a limited number of investors.

Short video about project

The technical part of the project and how it works!

Our platform solves a number of major issues faced by fantasy sports today:

Transparent gaming. From token transfers to game stats — everything is publicly accessible and runs on smart contracts.

Payment processing

Users receive their winnings and deposits instantly, without involving any middlemen in process.
Player brokerage

Users can invest in pro players on the platform and share their winnings, all transparently and hassle-free.
Fast verification

We verify payments and identity through blockchain and control everything with smart contracts.

We use the blockchain to solve these problems:


MyDFS tokens

MyDFS tokens is an additional way for users to grow the value of what they own and win, and stay engaged and interested. MyDFS tokens can be used to:

  • Participate in games, receive winnings
  • Pay for extra app features and in-game content
  • Invest in other players on the platform
  • Convert tokens to other cryptocurrencies and fiat money

Dynamic token

The more players we have the more demand for our tokens will be.
That is why we will do our best to attract a lot of sports fans on to our platform. More so MyDFS tokens will be listed on the top 10 crypto exchanges in order to increase their usage and a total value.

Ready for big events

The mobile app is the base of MyDFS platform. It allows users to find and join games, manage their tokens, invest in other players, etc.

Ready for large sporting events

MyDFS app will be released shortly before the largest soccer championship of 2018, to be held this summer in Russia. It’s the perfect opportunity to attract a wide audience of fans and grow the userbase.

The app is almost done

Our team has vast experience in the fantasy sports industry, so we’re not starting from scratch. We’ve put lots of effort into making MyDFS easy and pleasurable to use for players of any skill level.

Here’s a peek at the features we’ve already built:

  • Easy user onboarding
  • Automatic player seating
  • Smart Lineup
  • Fast lineup creation
  • Detailed player stats
  • 100% online game simulation
  • Achievement/XP system
  • Advanced leaderboards
  • Pro functionalities
  • In-game/support chats
  • Multi-language support

We have a strong background building fantasy apps:

We are seasoned pros with extensive experience building daily fantasy sports apps, like the KHL Haier Fantasy app we made for the Kontinental Hockey League, the largest of its kind in Europe. That app, as well as our uTrener fantasy app, were both featured by Apple in the App Store.

The KHL Haier app was:


One of the top 10 sports apps in Russia, Finland, Belarus, and Slovakia


The best sports mobile app at the 2017 MarSpo Awards


Used to create more than 400,000 competing fantasy teams

MyDFS brokerage — play for real

Instead of just playing games as regular players do, you can also invest in other DFS players by using our brokerage platform. It allows to transparently and competently invest in pro players and capitalize on their winnings — automatically and hassle-free.

Transparent, detailed game record
You can choose player to invest in by analyzing their game track record, that’ publicly available and can be easily compared with other players, so you know your risks and can choose wisely

Protected, instant payments
Your funds are locked using a smart contract, so the players won’t be able to spend it any other way than to enter games you’ve preagreed on. Winnings share also deposits instantly.

Decentralized data storage
We store all the players data and game stats in blockchain, so when you need a closer look at how your players perform, you always have the freshest data just a click away.

A broker finds a pro player to invest in, using publicly available track record and comprehensive analytic data.

Broker lends the player a limited token credit with a brokerage smart contract, so the player can use it to play games.

When the player enters a game, entry fee is automatically paid from the token credit of the chosen broker.<

If the player wins, player gets a part of the winnings agreed in the smart contract, and the broker gets the rest.



Specification of the token:

Token info.jpg

Do you want know more? Information here:

ANN Treat:


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Telegram: @AKBaikal17

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