Nebula AI creates a blockchain of new generation

Nebula AI is a decentralized blockchain platform, which is designed for use by developing AI. The platform plans to create an ecosystem where miners will be able to convert hash-power into computations of blockchain network. And developers and users will be able to purchase these capacities.
The main task of the team is to solve speed problem and organize a network with a high data rate. This will allow to use computing power of the platform everywhere if there is an access to the Internet. Thus, the platform will be able to attract literally the entire globe to developments. The platform itself will act as the governing body.

Objectives of the project

The main goal of developers is to improve current speed of decentralized cloud computing. This is achieved through the introduction of leasing computing power and the use of AI of the platform. At the same time, internal blockchain coding system is applied, and it eliminates problem of security and data theft. The computational blocks obtained through NBAI are distributed only between the interested participants of the platform and this allows to reduce the overall load on the network.
In order to make it work- it was necessary to create a symbiosis of blockchain technology and AI. It was necessary to gather a really strong and experienced team from both spheres to implement the plan. In the future, the platform can be used to analyze modern economic models. Enthusiasts will be able to use computing power of the platform to establish automatic trading of cryptocurrencies. Of course, learning will take some time, but in result there will be a real product capable of earning money on trading without participation of a person. AI will replace a person. However, it’s worth to understand that it will be necessary to pay a certain number of NBAI tokens to develop and improve AI algorithms. Thus, the platform team plan to monetize its efforts. Everyone will be able to create special applications that combine the parameters of decentralized applications (DApp) and artificial intelligence (AI).

Problems and solutions

At the moment, there are already several solutions to performance problem. However, only the NBAI project has a unique solution: combination of intranet computations and AI. At the same time, the principle of anonymity of the nodes participating in the computations is observed, and also a unique model for supplying commercial offers of these services is built. The progress is achieved as a result of the improvement of the PoW algorithm where computation is a paid unit for training the neural network. In the beta-version of the project proposals are selected from a special list, and in the full version the entire list is available to the platform participants. The values in these lists correspond to the task of increasing the economy of hash, but differ in cost and simplicity of being in the network.
The project plans to turn disparate nodes into multinivel ledger. This solution allow to avoid proof of computation. Simply put, this blockchain project will be provided by computing power of miners, but miners will solve problems of AI and not find new blocks. Also, farm capacities will provide with resources such a process as training AI. The cost of energy spent on training the neural network platform will be much lower than the provision of computations of blockchain environment.

How it works

Let’s consider the simplest example of using the NBAI technology. First, you instal special software of DAI App. In order for work of the application, you must pay platform tokens for a kind of subscription. And then, you can use all the functions of the application, but if you need to expand them- you will need to invest coins for development again. Next, you specify problems that need to be solved with the help of DAI App, and the system automatically transfers these tasks to the execution of the computing power of the platform, which is provided by mining equipment. For execution, miners will receive a reward in form of NBAI tokens.

Platform tokens

NBAI tokens are created on the basis of Ethereum in ERC20 format. The value of tokens for sale during the ICO is set at the rate of 1 ETH = 100 000 NBAI.

The total number of tokens issued is 6,7 billion. Softcap is 5000 ETH, Hardcap is 18 000 ETH.

After the full launch of the project in September 2018, it’s planned to transfer all the platform resources to its own blockchain.


From all sides, the NBAI project is interesting, promising investment returns in the future. The improvement of the blockchain technology itself is a huge field for activities that will never exhaust itself. After all, every day the quality load in the network increases and it’s necessary to make the right decisions in time to achieve stable operation of the chain. The project team consists of experienced engineers and professors of computer science.Also it’s worth noting that the project has an unusually small softcap, this means actual interest of team in the developments. To succeed, they only need resources to implement the idea. After the launch of the project, all cryptoworld will see a qualitatively new speed of the chain, backed up by AI. Perhaps, in the future this will be an impetus to creation of really smart machines from futuristic stories and movies. As a result of the NBAI network, it’s planned to save 70% of the computing power. The revolutionary technology of combining nodes has made this possible today. The smart contracts of the network are independent units that ensure the automatic operation of DAI App and preserve the principle of anonymity of participants. The open source code of the platform will give developers the opportunity to interact with AI and write their own product for work and earnings in the NBAI network. At the moment, the Internet is an ‘Internet of information’, where the quality is determined by the content. NBAI will make a new generation of the ‘Internet of Values’ where any resource will be evaluated in accordance with computing power expended on it.

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