What will the combination of blockchain and AI lead to?

Today we would like to tell you about a new computing platform called NBAI, which combines blockchain technology and artificial intelligence(AI). Using it developers will be able to create applications that combine both these developments, reliably, safely and inexpensively. At the same time, to create such decentralized applications, it’s possible and it’s necessary to use platform computing power that is integrated into a single network and accessible anywhere in the world. This will save your resources.
Within the framework of the project, there are already applications from very different spheres. At that, you can create something of your own, thanks to the fact that the platform is built on open source code. On the official website of NBAI there is button “Start developing”, if you click on it, you find project details and read technical documentation you need to work.

Objectives of the NBAI platform

After appearance and rapid development of second-generation blockchain(Ethereum), number of decentralized mobile applications began to grow rapidly.
Simultaneous, technology of AI developed in parallel. The creators of the NBAI platform came up with the idea to combine these two areas in their development. However, working with AI, as well as creating applications where it is integrated, require large computing power. Therefore, the NBAI project is moving toward the creation of a new blockchain, capable of providing the necessary conditions for work.
The main goal of the project team is to create a decentralized computing platform with integrated AI. In doing so, everyone can connect video cards to the network, sharing computing power. We can say that this is a kind of mining, as a result you get coins– NBAI tokens. Developers who create their applications within the framework of the platform will also receive payment in them. We’ll talk more about the token a little later.
Now, large corporations began to provide services of cloud computing power. There were even distributed, that is decentralized, platforms that provide such an opportunity. But we hear about the combination of this technology and AI for the first time.

Advantages of the NBAI project

The NBAI project opposes itself to centralized platforms, since they are managed and regulated from the outside. And this leads to:

  • changes in conditions for provision of services or unauthorized termination of their provision
  • threat of data loss
  • confidentiality and security problems
  • lack of transparency
  • excessive costs associated with the payment of labor of workers, etc.

Blockchain platform that use PoW spend a lot of electricity to maintain their work and development. For example, Bitcoin mining takes away just a colossal amount of electricity that could be spent more profitable. Therefore, the NBAI project team decided that these capacities can be used to develop AI.
As for decentralized applications, as we have already said, their number is growing very fast now. Users appreciate their advantages, so they want more and more. In this situation, developers already need help that the NBAI platform can provide.

Platform structure

In order to speed up transfer and processing of data, they will be split into equal segments. The analysis of these segments will be conducted in parallel. After the processing is complete, data will be collected and returned to user.
During the application development process, a large amount of data is produced within the framework of the platform. As we recall, the mining for this project is provision of its computing power, which will go to the platform needs. In this case, the division of a large task between several miners is necessary for its successful solution, because the capacity of one user can’t suffice for this.

The NBAI platform uses AI and machine learning. What does it mean? The machine, in this case platform, is capable of analyzing huge data sets and making decision-making to automatism. After calculating many variants of the development of events, which a person is not capable of, NBAI will be able to choose the best option. This will only benefit the project.

NBAI tokens

The platform offers a scalable foundation for creating applications in a wide variety of areas. To build a platform ecosystem, a special NBAI token will be used.
Token: NBAI
Type of token: ERC 20
Rate: 1 NBAI = 0,00001 ETH
In total, 6,7 billion tokens will be issued, they are distributed as follows:
For sale: 3,015 billion NBAI
To creators and community: 1,675 billion NBAI
To project team: 1,005 billion NBAI
To investors: 670 million NBAI
For marketing and to advisers: 335 million NBAI


We believe that the NBAI project can be called truly innovative and even revolutionary. Its creators decided to boil the ocean and we hope that they will succeed. Of course, AI now is developing very quickly, but also unpredictable. By giving technology the ability to independently analyze data in order to improve its work, it’s necessary to be careful. About why the AI requires very strict control can be read more in the book ‘Our Final Invention. Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era’. But if we reject these fears, wich can’t yet be corroborated, we believe that the project can be useful. In 2 years, the project creators plan to unite at least 500 applications created with their help.
In addition to all of the above, we would like to add that the project team opened a center that studies and disseminates information about AI in Canada. We believe that this project makes a great contribution to development of AI technology. Whether it will do good- we will find out in the near future.

More information about project you can find:

NBAI official website: https://nbai.io
WhitePaper: https://nebula-ai.com/whitepaper/NBAI_whitepaper_EN.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/NebulaAICommunity
BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4850252.0

Our BTT: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1315443


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