Neironix is the first analytical ecosystem that uses algorithms for multifactor online scoring and mathematical models for evaluating the investment attractiveness of ICO projects and Blockchain start-ups.
Right now, the highest level of identity validation is via a mobile phone whilst the new version of team page will allow conducting more thorough validation procedures involving photos of IDs and photos with IDs also known as KYC. The new measures should prevent appearance of fake advisers and team members on projects’ teams.
The platform is designed for analysis and subsequent management of perils typical of projects with investments in projects with high degree of skepticality. We are the first developer of global methodology for risk-oriented investment process management in blockchain economics. The suggested management is based on statistical analysis of large bulk of data and risk factors
Many newcomers of the field of cryptocurrency and trading may think that the cryptocurrency market is a priori the most “advanced” and the most promising because of its technological innovation, losing sight of the fact that it is worth assessing the development of the market primarily by its capitalization. According to this indicator, the cryptocurrency market is far behind the market of aluminum, gold or oil. Nevertheless, to enter the initial stage of market development is a very good long-term investment strategy, no matter what market it is.

As for trading on cryptocurrency exchanges, beginners often start by buying a coin, neglecting market risks before learning the basics of successful trading.

A common mistake is the purchase of a crypto asset during a strong growth, also called a pump, after which the price is reduced to the initial level. Do not forget to control the risk. In the form of a sharp turnround in the price, a more rational solution would be to put a pending order to buy at the level at which the rapid growth began, the so-called bottom, from which there is a great chance of re-growth of the price.
To solve this problem Neironix rating agency was created. The project Neironix aims to simplify the selection of worthwhile ICO-projects for investors and protect investors from scam-ICO. The assessment of projects is based on the system of mathematical algorism, which assesses ICO for 75 parameters, evaluating the risks and vitality of the project. Here are some parameters for estimating:

The advantage of this system is an integrated assessment procedure for all projects. You may doubt that the system can adequately evaluate the project only with the help of algorithmic assessment. However, it can and this is the reason. The system, in addition to project evaluation from initial data and from team productivity, evaluates its popularity on the Internet and mass media.

At the time of its launch, Neironix contained an accumulation of analytical databases built on the basis of events on the blockchain market. Data around 4,138 ICO projects implemented on the blockchain market over the past few years have been recorded by project proponents and collected by the system independently. Neironix has built the most in-depth database relating to cryptocurrency projects and financial information about the blockchain market.
Neironix Ecosystem is based on a set of tools – flows of content and information intended for use in operations with cryptoassets and selection of ICO projects for investments.
Cryptocurrencies feature high extent of being adjusted to new digital landscapes. The cryptocurrencies are being adopted as payment instrument increasingly more often, which expands the sphere of influence that cryptocurrency landscape can boast of having. Over the next two years, many problems of the cryptocurrency market will be solved, including the one dealing with lack of transparency and absence of state regulation mechanisms. Althoug, It is sad to know that the cryptocurrency market is woefully short of a brand-new product that would provide a comprehensive informational and analytical platform thereby allowing one to evaluate ICO and blockchain projects on the basis of unbiased information about the potential risk factors, clear to classic investor from the world of fiat economics.
The NRX Token (created on the Ethereum blockchain) will be used as an internal currency for paying for various types of information and advertising services (premium listing, advertising, press releases, e-mail distribution, etc.). We shoul note that after the moment when the turnover of the NRX token trade on exchanges reaches 2% of its total issue, the team will be able to accept payment for the above services in other crypto-currencies. But until the trade turnover reaches such a figure – payment on the platform will be carried out only in NRX. There are some actions on the deflationary policy regarding internal tokens, namely: burning of all received tokens for payment of information and advertising services, and buying out NRX from the free market (for this action will be creat a fund in the amount of 10% of all funds received for users subscription).

ICO is a way to introduce tokens, the price that will be determined by the team request to start the coin. This is initially set during ICO and can be changed later after listing on the exchange where the price will be regulated by the market.

Neironix Token sale starts the on September 1, 2018,, and it will continue till November 30, 2018.

To raise the necessary funds Neironix have employed the ICO fundraising model. For the token sale have issued 140,000,000 NRX tokens, the initial value of 1 NRX being $0,5. In token sale only cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted as payment means. The token sale provides different bonuses on the tokens purchased for each of the three months of the ICO. The bonus for September is 35%, in October it is going to be 15% and in November 5%.

The funds raised in our Token sale will be distributed in the following way:

· Marketing — 30.00%;

· Development of Neironix platform — 40.00%;

· Legal services — 5.00%;

· Hosting for servers and equipment — 5.00%;

· Project management and team — 10.00%;

· Contractors — 5,00%

· Access to SaaS API — 5.00%.

Neironix NRX Token ICO Details



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