Neironix - Secure Investment Opportunity

Hello everyone, the subject of this article is the project called Neironix. The aim of the project is to create a centralized platform based on blockhain, which aims to provide the opportunity to successfully invest in everyone by making various analyzes in the world of crypto money.

There are many investors in the world of crypto money. A large part of these investors do not know the risk analysis and therefore they are losing their assets. In this case, investors are attracting their assets through the market. Thus, there is a serious decrease in the market and a tightness is emerging. Because no investor wants to lose their investment so easily. There is no data analysis and scoring on many platforms, so investors are still worried about investing on the same logic. In this case, they try to keep their trust as much as possible.

New ico and projects are emerging on the market every day. Investors invest in these projects and, without realizing, they can also invest in fake projects. In this case, they are faced with losing all their assets. Therefore, the number of investors is decreasing day by day on the market and as a result, there is a decrease in the market. For the solution of all these problems, we have Neironix project. The project is preparing to enter the sector in order to eliminate all these mishaps. If you want to see what the project is trying to do and then let's take a look at the ico process.

The aim of the Neironix project is to conduct research on the crypto money market, aiming to protect the assets of all investors and to do so based on various mathematical studies, scoring and data analytical results. In this way, investors will be safe in their investments as they know which projects to invest in. in this case, as most new investors are hunting, this hunting situation will be eliminated and the project will protect everyone's investments.

The project will examine ico projects in this sector, risk management, analyzing the available data on the market, investment consultancy according to news and comments, legal studies and projects on which to invest. In this way, nobody will invest in random projects and will not be scattered. in short, the project aims to protect everyone's investments and aims to protect the assets of investors in every segment by trying to prevent fraudulent projects on the market. If you want to review the process of the idea of ​​the project, let's start to examine the ico process.

The token symbol for the Neironix project is NRX. The value of token symbol for the sale of the project ico is 0.001061571 ETH. an average of $ 0.50 corresponds to this price. In total 140 million pieces of NRX token icon is intended to be sold. softcap cost of the project is determined as 1 million dollars. Hardcap price is determined as $ 31 million. As of the date I wrote this article, the project received an investment of 1,503,337 million dollars. There are 15 days to finish the ico process. Investors who want to invest are still not late. They can realize their investments.

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