Neironix is designing a platform that will be useful for analysis also for subsequent management. By designing this platform Neironix is planning to be global provider both of analytical and financial information about the cryptocurrency market. Neironix believed they are the very first one who develops global methodology that will help management in the blockchain economics.
Next year, Neironix is planning to obtain patent of international copyright for their special methodology they have developed. Soon, they are going to communicate their methodology to interested parties and market regulators. Neironix platform will allow classification and accumulation of aggregate information to risk factors that will be interpreted and used for scoring for blockchain projects and ICO.

Then, scoring results will be displayed in form of rating scale for the convenience of users. Why is it important to build the Neironix ratings? Main principle is to reduce experts’ judgments share and to increase role of methodological and algorithmic constituent parts. Neironix’s method allows users to identify factors that are influencing investment stability and reliability of initial coin offering project.

Objectives of the ratings will include identifying conditions’ stability and evaluating the correlation with the other parameters. Streamlined scales are used by Neironix project to display process of rating drawing’s factual results. Scales’ main objective is lying in transforming data that has been collected into compact and single system of the rating scores.

Neironix platform is now available in beta version which is downloadable. Users can get it from the website of Neironix. That platform presents initial coin offering projects’ global listing, analytic data that’s been extended for the cryptocurrency exchanges, also cryptocurrency markets’ current condition. This project is actually available in mobile app form that can be downloaded in Android and iOS devices.

It is always good to know the advantages given by something before we try it. Though Neironix said they are providing unique project that will open the opportunities for players in cryptocurrency market and that is truly special since there is nothing like that in the blockchain market, we need to know how it benefits us. We’ll see list of Neironix project’s benefits below.

Advantages Given By Neironix Platform
Historical record will be the first advantage users get. Right now, Neironix already contains analytic database that’s been accumulated. Neironix built database which is considered as most profound one that’s dealing with the cryptocurrency projects also blockchain market’s financial information. Neironix is now integrated with 90 exchanges of cryptocurrency.

Information transparency is the second advantage Neironix offers. Neironix’s methodology is transparent, open, and provides an access to primary database for user. This lets users to feel confident in rating quality and project parameters’ credibility. That’s why investors can make the substantiated decisions. Third advantage is Neironix’s unique team who has professional skills and experience.

Besides, Neironix is developing cryptocurrency market’s standards. Neironix guarantees the leadership of company in market segment it is in. Risk management and rating methodology provided by Neironix are representing unique and brand new standard in blockchain economics’ market. Time advance is the next advantage offered by Neironix.

Neironix’s research developments are using neuron networks that are self-learning and also database’s continuous accumulation. This enables Neironix to outpace competitors. Neironix will always be some steps ahead of ratings and systems of their competitors. Data analysis available online is also given by Neironix. The system of Neironix is performing data analysis which is continuous.

The system will also forward that data in order to project the stakeholders. This lets latter to make weighted decisions carefully. The system of Neironix is also able to inform users about state of startup’s concordance at assorted stages of lifecycle. Those are some advantages offered by Neironix for their potential users. Some other advantages are not mentioned here.

Neironix will provide analytical data which is different for different investors. For beginners and private investors there will be final rating results, financial markets analytics, and reports’ cognitive analysis. For more professional investors there are capital’s structured analysis, token holders’ structured analysis, and structured data that’s used for professional judgments’ preparation.

And then for initial coin offering, Neironix system is providing all stages project management of project’s lifecycle, initial coin offering scoring, full checklist that will help initial coin offering preparation, initial coin offering blogging, publication of project news, reports, and press releases, token bidding analytics, and also advertisement sources analytics.
Digital assets mark a new stage in global economic development. An investment revolution has come because the investment in blockchain technology is not restricted by national boundaries. The Initial Coin Supply (ICO) has replaced the initial public offering (IPO) as the way to go for the digital economy.
Inadequate market regulation

Lack of rules and mechanisms to attract financial resources controlled by fiat currencies is a problem . The amount of resources that exceeds the capacity of the blockchain market. The use of Fiat currencies is controlled by venture capital funds and is not involved in coding investments because of the lack of sophisticated and clear risk assessment methods in the field.
Analysis of the landscape project competition

Currently, the blockchain market does not provide any information service that can be used to evaluate professional projects. Many rating agencies are working in the blockchain and cryptographic markets . They use the opinions of experts, which are very subjective. Opinions are also distorted and can not be used in professional assessment.

Historical record

This platform has a reliable database created based on events in the blockchain market . This platform has also built a strong information pool involving electronic money projects and financial data related to the cryptographic market.
Information transparency

The method used by this platform is very open to all users and allows them access to the main database. It creates confidence in the user because the quality of ratings and reliability of all project parameters are on the board. This allows investors to make a validation decision .
Neironix is the final product

Neironix boasts one of the most progressive products on the global market. Currently, more than 1.4 million dollars have been used in the investments of the platform.
The uniqueness of the team

This platform has an experienced and competent staff capable of successfully implementing online projects and functional business models.



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