Neironix is the first independent international rating agency to assess investment risks in the blockchain economy. Projects are evaluated automatically based on the results of the mathematical evaluation, neural networks and the multidimensional analysis of a large amount of data.

High dynamics of investment growth.
Digital resources are not only part of the current economic climate, but also point to a new phase of global financial development. The market for investment in technical blockchain start-ups is not limited by national borders, so a new age of other investments has arrived. Initial Co-offering (ICO), which replaced the traditional initial public offering, could be your important electronic industry investment hub.

All ICO held together in 2016 increased $ 96 million. In 2017, this amount increased to $ 3.7 billion, while the cryptocurrency increased to $ 372 billion. The motive behind this great momentum in investment growth is the rapidly growing number of blockchain start-ups and the growing fascination with blockchain investments.

Inadequate market organization.
The inadequate market for cryptocurrency investments can be found in the scarcity of rules and mechanisms for bringing Fiat money-based funding that is compliant with the legislation that is legal in the dilemma states. The sum of such tools clearly exceeds the potential for the blockchain market. The streams of Fiat money are in the management of hedge and venture funds, ranging from investments in cryptocurrency projects due to lack of overhaul and transparent procedures of risk assessment and direction of investment in this world.
Analysis of the competitive landscape of the project
To make a careful handpicked selection of Fiat investments on earth in relation to each issuing company, a professional decision is made. In fact, it is the test of most objective things that are able to influence the return on the loss of money spent. Currently, the blockchain market does not include any information providing services that could be used to assess the efforts.

At the same time, many evaluation offices are working in the blockchain and crypto industry. They use only the subjective remarks of the professionals, who are often neat and jagged. In practice, such tests may not be among the professional choices.

Historical album
The second, Neironix includes an integrated analytical database built on events from the blockchain market. The information on 4,138 ICO efforts that have been implemented by the blockchain market in recent years is collected by the job initiators and collected individually by the machine. Neironix has put together the very deep database that manages cryptocurrency finance and project data through the blockchain marketplace.

In terms of API resources, we are integrated into 90 crypto currency exchanges. We are currently evaluating and collecting statistics on 5,270 cryptocurrencies and implemented ICO projects.

Neironix raises criteria for Crypto Currency Marketplace
Neironix plays an active role in the development of cryptocurrency marketplace standards. It ensures that the lead of the provider in its own market area and the participation of users in the company. Our valuation and risk management methodology reflects a new and unique standard in the blockchain economics market.
Neironix for private investorsFinal assessment results, multidimensional assessment of ICO projects; Monitoring and notification of changes in certain ICO project ratings; Monitoring of the issuance of the main Road Map Cognitive analysis of reports on traditional and social media for each ICO project implemented; Popularity index for cryptocurrency and tokens; Analytics for financial markets; Access to a customized notification system that deals with financial analytics monitoring

Neironix for professional investorsFinal assessment results, multidimensional assessment of ICO projects; Dynamic tracking of risk factors and their level of impact on the ranking; A flexible monitoring and notification system about deviations from the level of risk that can be received in relation to a particular ICO project; Monitoring of the issuance of the main Road Map Structured capital analysis for each ICO project at the token sales stage; Structured analysis of the main token holders for each ICO project implemented; Cognitive analysis of reports on traditional and social media for each ICO project implemented; Possible Pump Monitoring and Dump for each ICO project implemented; Monitoring calendar for a list of planned and actual tokens; Popularity index for cryptocurrency and tokens; Index and multiplier; Historical and analytical data for financial markets; Market review and analysis; Analytics for traditional and social media; Structured data for professional assessment preparation

Neironix for ICOProject management at all stages of the project life cycle; Comparison with other ICO projects, similar in terms of functionality, implementation and ideas; Complete checklist for ICO preparation; ICO score; KYC verification of project stakeholders; ICO Blog on the Neironix platform; Press release publications, project reports and news; Analytics for offering tokens, notification of the flow of funds for the main token holder; Analytics for ad sources, automatic selection of sites for placement.

Neironix NRX Token ICO Details Token Symbol: NRX Date of Token Sales: 09/01 / 18-11 / 30/18 Price of Token: 0.001061571 ETH Payment Method Received: Ethereum Total Supply: 140,000,000 NRX Token Standard: ERC20 Soft Cap: $ 1,000,000 Hard Cap: $ 31,000,000



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