Nowadays, cryptocurrency market becomes more and more popular, but many people are still rejecting it due the high risks that they are supposed to and other reasons like absence of regulations act as entry barriers for companies, difficulties with converting cryptocurrencies to fiat, limited amount of banking services and so on.

But each day, on cryptocurrency market appears new projects, each of them is going to solve a problem.

And today, we’re going to speak about Neluns – A New Generation Financial Ecosystem!

Neluns mission – is to create an innovative financial ecosystem, combining within itself a bank, which operates with fiat and cryptocurrencies, a cryptocurrency exchange and insurance company, thus, creating conditions for the quality development of the cryptocurrency market and inflow of new participants and new capital.


Instant fund transfers, withdrawals, and deposits in any ATM in the world.

Debit and credit Visa, Mastercard, American express cards.

Deposits in cryptocurrency and fiat.

P2P Lending platform

Mobile application for iOS and Android.

NELUNS Exchange

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in two clicks, exchange crypto for fiat.

“Bank guarantee” principle. Easy fund withdrawals, highest transaction speeds.

Protection from cyberattacks

Full functionality during peak loads

Effective user support services API’s and trading on the Neluns exchange through familiar software such as Fusion, * TAKION, MetaTrader, Metastock, ROX, and others.

NELUNS Insurance

Trade insurance

Transaction insurance

Protection from technical issues

Protection from failed counterparty obligations


Bank Guarantee

Exchange Neluns use the principle of "Bank Guarantee" for smart contracts that govern the execution of transactions. In addition to pre-determined contracts, custom user customization can adjust coverage to include various events and conditions, change the scope to include some or all transactions. Business logic is implemented using top notch technology to ensure additional security, rapid withdrawal of funds and load balancing to meet high service demand. The team believes that Nelun's financial ecosystem must create the best conditions in the class for both cryptocurrency traders and their funds.

The road map contains a list of iOS and Android applications that will be implemented for running operations using mobile devices. It also contains the launch of around 24 × 7 technical support services to ensure all user requests are properly recorded, reviewed and completed in line with the SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The concept of a multicurrency account allows users to execute transactions in either traditional currencies (such as dollars or euros) or cryptocurrency. You can link the bank card to a multicurrency account.

The product line consists of related software product bank cards. The following products are available for retail and corporate clients: Lite, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Token and ICO

NLS marker is a token of security, profit ecosystem Neluns quarterly distributed among the holders of NLS tokens proportional to the number tokens. Holders of radar tokens will

receive 50% of the profit.

Token: NLS(ERC20)

Total : 200 000 000 NLS

Price: 1 NLS = 1 USD

HardCap : 112 000 000 USD



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