Trade Pharma Network - sale of medicinal 💊drugs💊. ICO review

Good afternoon, readers of my blog. For you, I have today a very interesting project involving pharmaceuticals. This project is currently conducting an ICO company. If it is interesting, you can join this project. The project is called Trade Pharma Network.

In most cases nowadays we all know perfectly well that the pharmaceutical market is the most promising. Nowadays, there is no day without medicines. But we know that most drugs have a placebo because of fraudsters. Counterfeiting medicines are the most common problem in our society. Also, general logistics and procurement of drugs is an important issue. The Trade Pharma Network project was taken to solve these global problems. Now I will tell you more about this project.

About the project Pharmaceuticals Trading Network

Trade Pharma Network - creates the first pharmaceutical market using the most advanced technology Blockchain, AI, IoT. To once and for all deal with the problem of fakes. And simplify the purchase of medicines. This opens up new distribution networks for pharmaceutical companies. Simplify the system of export and import of medicines. It will simplify the supply of medicines to hospitals and pharmacies. It also enables small pharmaceutical companies to express themselves and find new markets.

IoT / IIoT technology.

This technology will be introduced into the system it creates smart packaging for medicines. To track drugs and their movement around the world. Track the expiration dates of medical priorities. And even track the temperature balance. There were all qualities. And helps to track the whole way of drugs from the supplier to the medical institution.

For the medical industry.

Creating a single network of medical priory gives the client convenience to choose the most suitable analogs and buy them. Product quality will be maintained at the proper level, which helps to get rid of the fake priory in general. The ability to purchase the latest generation of medical products, which are so necessary.

For pharmaceutical companies.

Opening up new markets worldwide. Enables the conclusion of contracts at the state level. Gives you the opportunity to promote new products and find buyers

ICO details


Trade Pharma Networkwill be minting 1 Billion total tokens
Token priced $0.07
SoftCap $2.5 Million
HardCap $20 Million
Official website:
El Lightpaper:

0.070 GOLOS
В избранное
На Golos с 2018 M09

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