Sapien network ICO review


Authors will be rewarded with tokens from the community for their popular and useful content. Curators who have a large number of SPN tokens in their possession will be able to earn even more by making early upwoots for useful content, later confirmed by other platform participants.

Freelancers will be able to create their own services, which can be sold through the internal platform market.

Developers will also be able to supplement the platform with useful add-ons sold through the domestic market.

Media agencies will be able to find their readers or viewers willing to pay for a subscription to high-quality content.

In the future, the platform will become a whole ecosystem with a working market, various integrations and third-party applications. The value of the platform will be in democracy, privacy, freedom of speech and full customization of all parameters. The beta version of the platform is already available for review.

The block platform will be very different from the known centralized social networks and will have functional as standard for social networks such as friends, groups, posts, subscriptions, and some features such as the ability to switch between private and public viewing of the site, a special text and voice chat, encryption of user data and conversations, full adjustment of all parameters.

The founders of the project: Ankit Batia and Robert Giometti, who studied electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Berkeley. They created the Sapien platform and introduced features and algorithms into it.

Platform token.
The SPN utility token, which runs on Ethereum, will serve for various purposes. Tokens will be in two forms: stored on a special smart contract and freely transferable. For storing tokens in a smart contract, the platform will charge dividends of 15% for 6 months. The longer the storage period, the higher the percentage of dividends.

Token will represent the user's reputation in the community. With the help of a token will be distributed a reward for viewing advertising on the platform. Possession of the token allows the user to participate in making important decisions for the further development of the platform. In Sapien will operate a decentralized market, where you can buy virtual and physical goods, various content and services for the platform tokens. Also SPN is a form of encouragement from users for creators of digital content.

The nearest development and plans of the platform.
In 2018, the team will begin transferring the platform to a decentralized application, implements payments for curators and content creators and plans to attract 10,000 new users per month.

In 2019, the team will build a Democratized Autonomous Platform with an internal market, premium content and other features, will open a platform for third-party application developers and plans to attract 100,000 new users per month.

In 2020, the team tokenize user data, expand the scope of using the token to other sites and plans to attract 1 million new users per month.

The possibility of investing in a project.
For all comers, starting from March 20, 2018, there will be an opportunity to invest in the Sapien platform. Buy SPN tokens can be for crypto-currencies Ethereum and Bitcoin. Tokensail collected more than $ 20 million of investments at the pre-sale stage, which means that the society sees the prospect in this project.

More detailed information can be found on the links below:

Official website -
Beta version of the platform -
Whitepaper -
Telegram -
Twitter -
Blog -
Facebook -;u=41370 

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