Neurocontrolled Devices on the Market: Technology Overview


One of the most striking aspects of neurotechnological innovation is the sheer variety of fields of human endeavor it’s likely to revolutionize. Name an activity that involves thought and using a device and neurotechnology looks set to upend how it’ll get done.

The difference between where we are now and where we’re likely to be in three years is, frankly, absurd. It’s therefore really tempting to talk incessantly about amazing new innovations that are “just around the corner”.
But let’s get practical for a minute. If you want your first brain control experience, this can happen now. If you have a valid credit card, a mailing address and a functioning brain you too can taste the beginnings of the neurotechnology revolution.

If you want to play

Admit it. At some point in reading about using technology to control the world around you with your brain, the eight-year-old in you piped up and said “OK so I can finally be a Jedi now?” Look, I know it’s important to be mature and to view these new technologies with a sober and mature mind, but yes. Yes, you can now be a Jedi.

I think it’s best to leave the product description to the manufacturers: “Now you can move holograms with just the power of your mind! Re-enact famous Jedi challenges as you advance through 10 different levels of Force Training. Develop your powers of concentration and see if you can reach the rank of Jedi Master. “

Honesty time here: my first reaction to this breathless sales-speak was just a teensy trace of bitterness. When I was a kid, the cutting edge Star Wars toy was a ‘realistic lightsaber’ which, frankly, was nothing more than a plastic tube with a torch in it. Pushing that aside, the fact that kids can now manipulate objects with their brain waves using little more than a tablet device and an EEG hooked up to bluetooth is amazing.

It’s also a useful baseline. Get the excitement factor out of the way and essentially this toy issues a few basic commands. When AI software is incorporated into neurotechnology, what we’re seeing today will be laughably obsolete. Neurogress is developing software that will exponentially increase the sensitivity and specificity of commands we can issue. What will the next wave of neurocontrolled toys look like?

If you want a useful tool

One of the more unusual applications though is actually not about “doing” something. It’s about doing nothing well. I’m talking about sleep. Sleep is a huge industry now. In a life where our brains are constantly prodded to become more active, sleep is one thing that falls by the wayside. This is a true medical concern. Inadequate sleep increases your risk for a slew of nasty health problems, from heart disease to depression.
Enter the new wave of sleep tracking neurotechnology devices. Unlike mainstream sleep monitors which have to guess if you’re sleeping by tracking your heart rate and movement, these new devices use an EEG to scrutinize what your brain is doing and then directly manipulate your sleep.

It’s an amazing leap from the sledgehammer bluntness of tools like the Fitbit. But it’s so imprecise compared to where we can go! One thing that brain research keeps revealing to us is how incredibly specific each of our brains actually are. Neurogress is taking this to the next level with software that can actively learn how each individual brain works. In the very near future either they will release their API or their code will go open source. Imagine what the next generation of relaxation tools could achieve armed with this level of control.

If you want to freak out a little bit

These kinds of innovations are amazing. However, if you want to experience the full breadth of how this tech will actually change what it means to be human, put your wallet away for now. Better yet, consider putting your financial support behind the innovation of companies like Neurogress who, not content with what can be done now, are pushing the technology to truly dazzling new possibilities.

Imagine a robot assistant to make your life easier. Picture what it would be like to drive your car to work with your mind. Think about what it would be like to be able to network your intelligence with others. This is what is going to be on the market soon.

We’re on the cusp of a future that would make a Jedi Knight want to buy a human action figure.
Neurotechnological innovation is capturing imaginations. It excites people. Invest in the interactive mind-controlled devices of the future by buying tokens now and help to promote innovation.

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