My First Introducemyself Post on smoke

hi smoke, iam md asadul haque from Bangladesh!

I spend more time with my friends. They are in harmony with them. I went to India last 2-10_2018. There I meet my facebook friends. To see different places in india, with them, if the country is small and very beautiful then. The green and green minds were filled all around
I recently learned about crypto currency or not really learned, but started to pay attention to it last year when my friend Guillaume @toshik who I know for more 15 years told me about it! He has great pieces written on steemit to get you started on all of it thank god! I am just finally sitting down and trying to learn everything about it, which is a Lot!!!! There is always a beginning to everything I guess.

My interest are very diversified, but I am someone that needs to know everything about everything! I can’t just skim a subject without going knee deep in it and learning everything I can about it. Being a mom brings concerns to my everyday living to make sure I give them the best, teach them the best, feed them the best and so on.....I am all about health in a more natural way :))

In this day and age I am completely mesmerized with what is out there. I feel that we are all in deep shit if you know what I mean. Most of the population is blind to everything out there and just completely controlled by the pharma, the government, and so much more but also the opinion of others.

I am eager to learn from all of you as well as to share some of my thoughts, concern and great achievements in a way to better myself and the world around me!

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