Good fortune in China: Do not fool us!

With cheap and sacred lobby art, Chinese weapons have wandered around the world. However, recently, military products "Made in China" are being insulted.
Peru: Sang that bring the heap of iron!

The Chinese MBT-2000 tank, too, was advertised as a 21st century modern pioneering and powerful tank of tanks, and in fact a Peruvian one.

In essence, it is a five-parent vehicle that learns the design of a Western tank and one of the most important parts of its strength, its maneuverability is based on the 6TD diesel engine. -2E of Ukraine.

Ukraine also joined the T-84 Oplot and T-84-120 Yatagan T-84-120 T-84 tanks for Peru, so they immediately stated they did not agree to export the engine to Peru. to a third country.

At this time, the MBT-2000 manufacturer NORINCO was just too late. As being tricked, Peru announced its cancellation and returned the first five MBT-2000s it had received.

Shortly thereafter, the country sought a more reliable supplier and it appears that Russia was selected. The international community's interest in Russian arms has steadily increased, and this trend is taking place in recent years.

Now, more information appears again confirming this. Peruvian military is interested in Russia's T-90s.

At the end of November 2016, a delegation of Peruvian military experts traveled to Russia to conduct talks on the possibility of buying Russian weapons.
Russia's T-90s were sent to Peru for evaluation by the military.

After the conclusion of the negotiations, Peruvians highly valued the technical and tactical features of the T-90S tanks, but the parties did not reach agreement. Hand over time handover.

It should be stressed that the T-90S is one of the most popular Russian weapons in the world market.

At the moment, Russia is ready to hand over the T-90S to Peru, with some minor disagreements, according to the press department of the Russian Agency for Technical Cooperation. In the next few weeks there will be another round of talks with the Peruvian delegation to agree on the remaining details and it is likely that the parties will reach a final agreement.

Ecuador: Give us money!

China-made radars have no reputation in the international arms market, but do not understand how they are "inflated" to the state of the art, capable of detecting the machine. US F-22 stealth flying.

In 2008, the Ecuadorian Ministry of Defense closed its eyes for a $ 60 million signing contract to pick up some YLC-2V radars and YLC-18 produced by CETC (China).
Unbelievably, China's radar seems to be blind, inoperable, "frostbitten" in front of every target from flying to flying all day. Of course, it is ridiculous!

It is embarrassing for both Ecuador and China. One side of the news is to buy "kitsch", one side as being "insulted" because despite being host country (which represented the EQADC) gave more time but could not overcome the defects. Extremely serious radar systems are new, are fragrant paint.

Not that Ecuador has to reclaim money, even claiming serious damage and of course, stopping immediately with Chinese radar.

Thailand: Straight-line Chinese missile defense helicopter

In the early 1990s, the Thai Navy ordered four guerrilla missiles under China's 053HT (Jiangxi III) project and then two more.

Soon they realized the foolishness of being cheated because the quality of the ships was so bad.
HTMS Bangpakong Missile Defense Battalion (FFG 456) under Project 053HT Thailand purchased from China.

Unable to stand it, the Thai Navy was forced to consider the merciless disposal of the 053HTs, although they had only been operational for over 20 years - life expectancy was too short compared to the life cycle. The average of warships in the world.

Thailand recently ordered two DW3000F stealth missile defenses from South Korea to replace the Chinese ships mentioned above.

Through the above examples, it can be seen that many countries have boycotted, saying goodbye to Chinese weapons.

However, with the cheap advantage and the divine lobby art, "Made in China" or even "Copy in China" products are still available in a number of countries, mainly Africa, where just the most inferior weapons, are discarded, are not too bad.

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