Overview of the future advertising platform UBEX

UBEX is a decentralized advertising exchange.
Through the use of neuronet and blockchain technologies, UBEX provides advertisers with the opportunity to purchase advertising space on the machine. Payment is made by targeted actions performed by users. The purchase of advertising is carried out in real time using software technologies based on neural networks with the use of intelligent contracts. In the previous year, UBEX showed an increase of $ 30 million in transactions. The US and in 2018 will exceed this mark at least twice.

Ubex uses artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technology to revolutionize online advertising. This eliminates the occurrence of annoying ads in front of Internet users and instead directs relevant ads to potential customers. Thus, companies can distribute their ads and messages to the right people with a high degree of efficiency, which leads to a high rate of conversion of customers.

Let's take a close look at how this project really benefits the participants.
This is actually a move forward from the usual per-click advertising system, which is currently used even by advertising giants. Until we use Ubex, the old system looks smart.

The advantage of using artificial intelligence:
The program algorithm collects information from the platform users and evaluates their interests. The system also provides for possible future actions of users based on behavioral data collected during the monitoring of them and their actions. This information helps advertisers promote their products and services individually, which actually benefits consumers. The system displays ads to the most relevant users based on the collected data.

Minimized risks due to smart contracts:
People do not have enough confidence in the existing system, because there are financial frauds in this area. The use of smart contracts makes transactions transparent to publishers and advertisers, minimizing the risk to all stakeholders. Thus, the creation of an ecosystem is the most fair model for advertisers.

Ubex promotes advertising activities:
Software advertising is the process of buying advertising using an automated system without any interaction with a person. During the loading of the page, which is a fraction of a second, the system evaluates the type of audience. Once the target audiences are known, it uses an individual advertising approach to get the maximum benefit. The system holds an auction for advertisers and the winner's advertisement is uploaded to the website. Ubex exchange reduces the complexity of the purchase, increases the ability to target at a low cost. In this case, there are very few opportunities for fraud, as well as the option of payment for the result.

Another drawback of the current system is that customers do not know what approach advertisers will use to distribute their message. We do not know how our marketing budget is used and what positive result we will get. The disadvantage is the fact that no advertising Agency will not share his marketing technique.
How Ubex responds to these issues:
Ubex addresses these issues through the use of smart contracts. Ubex has allowed advertisers to select the appropriate advertising space and publish them on the appropriate web site without the intervention of a third party. You can purchase advertising according to your marketing needs. The platform offers you to choose the type of clients, their age, interests and many other useful parameters to get the maximum benefit from this ecosystem.

Problems and solutions for advertisers
Advertisers spend money on each attracted buyer in light of the traditional way of buying advertising. As a rule, advertisers are forced to invest too much to attract the attention of buyers for three reasons:
High commissions, fraud, ineffective targeting.

Problems and solutions publishers
It's not fair that publishers don't get a lot of revenue from their ad campaigns in the sales system. There are several barriers to the advertisers to make a greater contribution to the growing participation of users and revenue maximization. Such as low efficiency of purchase algorithms, inefficient targeting, problems of non-payment of advertising costs, lack of alternative sources of income, partial loss of advertising traffic. Uvex certainly solves all these problems.


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Official resources:

Website - https://www.ubex.com/
Telegram - https://t.me/UbexAI
White paper - https://bit.ly/2QJ5mPN

Author - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2136611

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