"NanoHealthCareToken" ICO LIVE!

Hello dear friends and guests of my Golos blog. Today i wanna tell you about NHCT or about NanoHealthCareToken.
What will happen to the platform after the introduction of the blockchain?
Improved data security. Medical data is highly confidential and requires special protection from unauthorized users. In addition, the blockchain will increase the speed of data exchange, and improve the efficiency of data access at any time. The platform will become decentralized, which means that it can be easily scaled and expanded in the coverage of health care markets around the world. In turn, ecosystem participants will be able to earn tokens and spend them. The NHCT ecosystem operates on a unique three-tier structure of tokens. There will be three types of tokens - NHCT, Warma and Wawa. Each token gives access to certain functions.

-Wawa main token. This token can be obtained by burning calories. The more calories to be planted, the more people will earn.
-Warma token is a second-level token and the most active participants can receive it. User activity should be verified by a specialist from the NanoHealth ecosystem.
-NHCT ecosystem payment tool. This token will be used to pay for services on the platform and will be offered for sale on exchanges. Users who are constantly improving their health can transform their fitness rewards into the NHCT, and exchange them for goods and services for health. This token can also be obtained by giving your health data to certified medical professionals.

PRE-ICO and ICO https://nhct.io
-Time PRE-ICO: from August 3 to October 31

  • ICO terms: from November 15 to December 15
    -Minimum fundraising goal of the company: 1 000 000 000 USD
    -Maximal fundraising goal of the company: 9,000,000,000 USD
    -In what currency you can invest: ETH, BTC
    -Link for registration: https: //token.nhct.io/
  • KYC

The NanoHealth project will make positive changes to the health care industry and allow people to monitor their health and get tokens for good results that can be exchanged on the stock exchange or used to gain access to other services. Thanks to NanoHealth, there will be more healthy people on planet Earth and mortality from diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, obesity, and thyroid diseases will decrease.

Website: https://nhct.io/
Telegram: https://t.me/NanoHealth
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NHCToken?lang=en
Bounty: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4862998.0

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