NOIZ - Re-engineered Advertising Network With Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain


NOIZ Chain is a decentralized ad network that aims at giving control of advertising back to the community, while eliminating fraud, driving engagement and including social impact organizations.

Furthermore, Nоiz Chain iѕ a соgnitivе аd nеtwоrk that еngаgеѕ users in a tаrgеtеd and dirесt mаnnеr. Thiѕ is fаr diffеrеnt frоm trаditiоnаl digitаl аdvеrtiѕing which just invоlvеѕ strings оf рор-uрѕ аnd banner ads nоiz iсоthаt соnѕumеrѕ hаvе bесоmе trаinеd tо ignоrе and сliсk оut оf withоut a ѕесоnd thоught. On thе Noiz nеtwоrk, hоwеvеr, users аrе incentivized tо rесеivе promotions through an active рrооf оf engagement system.

Thе more uѕеrѕ intеrасt with their Nоiz app, the mоrе NOIZ tоkеnѕ thеу will receive which саn bе used fоr additional реrkѕ and rеwаrdѕ. Nоiz hаѕ an AI thаt will аutоmаtiсаllу mаtсh up user рrоfilеѕ with brаndѕ thаt fit thеir nееdѕ аnd tаѕtеѕ. Thiѕ means that mаrkеting will bе more tаrgеtеd than еvеr.

NOIZ Chain intends to еvоlvе thе есоѕуѕtеm even further bу inсluding ѕосiаl imрасt оrgаnizаtiоnѕ into thе tоkеn flоw bеtwееn advertisers, publishers, аnd соnѕumеrѕ. With social imрасt becoming a mаjоr соnсеrn оf соmраniеѕ аrоund thе world due tо the Unitеd Nаtiоnѕ’ 2030 Suѕtаinаblе Dеvеlорmеnt Gоаlѕ (SDGѕ)3, thе NOIZ nеtwоrk will help drivе thе success of ѕосiаl rеѕроnѕibilitу саmраignѕ.

NOIZ Chain knоwѕ how to address thеѕе digital аd iѕѕuеѕ thаnkѕ tо a ѕtrоng team of mаnу аdvеrtiѕing vеtеrаnѕ, coming frоm top аd аgеnсiеѕ likе Dentsu and Ogilvy, with dесаdеѕ оf еxреriеnсе in the industry. It is thе bеliеf of NOIZ Chain thаt a decentralized аd server, whiсh аllоwѕ the соmmunitу to bе thе driving fоrсе bеhind thе аdvеrtiѕing есоѕуѕtеm, will be thе only wау to build a rоbuѕt аdvеrtiѕing mоdеl fоr true еngаgеmеnt now and in the lоng-tеrm.

NOIZ Chain can be classified into the following parts:

Cognitive Banners for Better Engagement

An AI enabled banner ad, known as Nikola, generates more engagement among consumers and gives advertisers direct access to this engagement. Ad interactions are recorded over the blockchain for transparency.

P2P Ad Exchange

Advertisers and publishers can connect directly and buy / sell ad inventory over the platform. The NOIZ community sets the standards for quality content by voting against advertisers with bad business ethics, or publishers involved in plagiarism or fake news.

Automatic Airdrop and Rewards Wallet

Advertisers airdrop tokens to consumers for product discounts (coupons), loyalty (reward points) or simply for engaging with the banner ads. The NOIZ wallet allows users to collect these crypto coupons and reward points, which can be redeemed through the offering party or NOIZ Chain partner companies.

Permissioned Privacy protection

NOIZ Chain gives users total control on their private data. By design, it cannot be controlled by NOIZ Chain in any shape or form. Furthermore, users get compensated in NOIZ tokens for sharing their data with the advertisers and publishers they trust.

The Solution

NOIZ Chain have distinguished the numerous issues pervasive in the conventional ad space (poor deals change because of spam bots, off base focusing on, undesirable advertisements to give some examples) and have developed a unique solution to solve these problems whilst providing a superior user experience thorough their innovative combination of AI and blockchain. NOIZ Chain aim is a win-win solution for both consumers and brands, and that is the most effective way to build a robust advertising model that offers true engagement, both in the present and long-term.

The NOIZ network uses two means of monitoring in order to prevent any possible fraud and ensure there aren’t any faults in the system. AI tasks and actions are monitored by using Run-time Execution Monitoring (REM) and Passive Monitoring. This helps distinguish spam bots from real users, by monitoring comments, data input and speed, and manners. The other method of watching over the platform will be done through passive monitoring. This essentially means that the network will monitor token flow on randomly selected wallets to see if any bots are operating on the platform, as they wouldn’t exhibit the same engagement and communication patterns as humans.

About Nikola

Nikola is a friendly AI bot behind cognitive ads, collecting, authenticating, and sorting user data. Nikola uses AI hybrid system; one form of AI to filter spam-bots and other similar user actions to integrate with NLP technology to improve cognitive and conversational.

NIKOLA - The Cognitive Ad(Features)

Chats with people

Increases engagement

Provides reward

Filters out spam

Fights crime


With the help of NIKOLA, the platform will be able to determine bots activities, give rewards via the NOIZ token channeled to the NOIZ wallet or ERC 20 supported wallets. The NOIZ token will facilitate all the advertising campaigns and smart contract creation on the platform. The rewards will be one of ways bots will be identified because the platforms gives reward when users gives feedback on the platform. This process can also be determined by the run time execution monitor and hybrid Proof of engagement which prevents fraudulent activities and stops them. Individuals on the platform can easily got about their businesses which is saved on a ledger individuals involved in the transaction can have access to unlike the block chain technology where everyone can have access too. The wallet ID is how actors within the NOIZ Chain ecosystem will be recognized and tracked.

The platform allows advertisers buy inventions form publishers directly eliminating intermediaries links bringing about transparency in transaction.

Uses Of The Ad-Based Token

The NOIZ token will be a conspicuous element inside the decentralized advertisement arrange for a few reasons. The critical applications territories the money will be being used incorporate.

Offering client motivations in the interest of the promoters.

Coordinate airdropping to clients who have sold their overview or private information.

Reclaiming of promoters coupons for the token.

As a voting ideal for distributors, promoters and clients on ads, substance, and the social effect ventures.

The Advantages

Similarly as with any blockchain wander, there are a lot of positives particularly for NOIZ Chain plan to upset the promoting business. Thus, on the off chance that they are effective, NOIZ Chain could exhibit the accompanying focal points for the publicizing members

• Effective promotion spending subtle elements.

• High commitment in publicizing efforts from clients.

• Expanded brand devotion.

• Building more trust between promotion distributors and the systems.


Ticker Symbol: NOIZ

Platform: Ethereum

Accepts: ETH

Soft Cap: 15,000 ETH

Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH

Price: 1 NOIZ = 0.25 USD

Country: Hong Kong

KYC: Face

Restrictions: USA, China

Sale Avalable Tokens: 180,000,000 NOIZ

Main Token Sale: June 15th 2018 – August 15th 2018

You can invest by following this link -


There will be a total of 400 million NOIZ tokens issued. They will be distributed amongst the Charitable Foundation, Founding Team, Community Growth, Advisors, Reserves, and Token Sale.

180,000,000 (45%) NOIZ tokens will be distributed during the Token Sale

80,000,000 (20%) NOIZ tokens will be kept as Reserves

8,000,000 (2%) NOIZ will be rewarded to community members through a Community Growth program

32,000,000 (8%) NOIZ is set aside for the Advisors

40,000,000 (10%) NOIZ is held for Charitable Foundations participating in the platform

60,000,000 (15%) NOIZ will be distributed among the Core Team members




Chief Executive Officer

Andy has 17+ years’ experience in digital media. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur and angel investor, he is the Founder and CEO of NDN Group, a digital conglomerate heavily invested in Mobile Advertising Networks, Social Networking, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Advertising Technology. Andy has also been actively involved in multiple local and Silicon Valley incubators including Google EYE, 500 Startups, Founders Institution, Entrepreneurs’ Organization and KPMG.


Chief Technology Officer

Ricky has 18+ years’ experience in digital technology. He is a Co-founder and the CEO of Parini, an AI chatbot company servicing a multitude of industries from realestate to banking. Ricky is also a Co-founder of Smarter Codes, a company developing AI for chatbots, text and linguistic software, and web crawling services. Coming from a robotics background, where he created autonomous vehicles and home automation technology, Ricky has a very strong technical mindset that allows him to continuously develop within the vast, ever-changing tech industry.


Chief Research and Development Officer

Kelvin has 20+ years’ experience in system design and software development. He has previously worked with AxePay, FCB Canada and the Canadian Space Agency. Kelvin was also an early adopter of Bitcoin; since then, he has founded a number of cryptocurrency related businesses, most recently launching a cryptocurrency mining box that uses solar energy. Kelvin is currently advising several blockchain based startups.


Chief Operations Officer

Keith has 14+ years’ experience in media. He is the Co-founder and COO of Hotmob, the largest hybrid mobile marketplace in the APAC region, and Creator of Alcanzar, a scalable DSP that processes over billions of ad requests with proprietary prediction engines.Keith is also a highly analytical and creative thinker, pioneering over 30 creative ad formats that drive high consumer engagement. Keith is currently sharpening his skills in the big data industry, helping marketers unleash the power of optimized audience targeting.


Lead Blockchain Developer

Artem has 18 year’s of programming experience in various fields, including Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum Solidity, NodeJS and C#. He has been working on blockchain related projects and ICOs since 2017 and he is currently building a secure e-voting platform on a blockchain. Artem also holds a PhD in Physics.


Lead AI Developer

Tushar has 18+ years’ of programming experience in Big Data, Graph Theory, Metaphysics and Web crawlers. He is an expert in Artificial Neural Networks and Generative Programming. Tushar has hypothesized 5th generation programming theories and developed Market Analysis software using Natural Language Processing that was used by 36,000 clients. Tushar is also the CTO of SmarterCodes.


Chief Strategy Officer

David has 15+ years’ experience in data analytics and market forecasting. He is a Partner of NDN Group, managing the New York and South Korea operations. David is also General Partner of hedge fund XNInsight and Founder of While participating in a Data Processing program at Stanford University, David fortified his quantitative analytics and market interpretation skills, which expanded his expertise in predictive analytics and provided him with actionable outlooks in both marketing and finance.


Marketing Technologist

Connor has 5 years’ experience in digital marketing. He previously worked in- house for several B2B companies and freelanced on several B2C campaigns; he is now managing digital projects for NDN Group.


Public Relations Manager

Michelle has 11 years’ experience in marketing. She previously worked at Leo Burnett and Fairton International Group and is now managing NDN Group’s marketing strategy.


Creative & UX/UI Designer

Wing has 5+ years’ experience in digital design. She currently works for New Digital Noise, where she has worked on projects for Strongbow, JollyShandy, Fuijifilms, Tempo and China Mobile HK.


Multimedia Manager

Michael has 5 years’ experience in brand management. He previously worked at the United Nations, European Parliament and has freelanced for TOMS, and the BBC.

Be a part of this incredible project. Download the whitepaper for the full scoop.











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