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Thanks to prosperity of electronic commerce consumer expenses on the Internet have flown up up to the unknown heights. The usual offline shop is under the threat. For the retailers working and in offline and online stores it is very important to monitor fluctuations of the market share on each of these channels and on each commodity category to understand the competition. The volume of expenses on advertizing in digital media has exceeded expenses on television commercials. Today review of ICO NOIZ

Often expect advertizing effect of "gossip hotline" from social networks. Social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. Social media can serve not only the advertizing platform which shows coverage and frequency of viewings of advertizing of a brand. These parameters allow the companies to connect the actions in social media with desirable behavior of the consumer including a brand involvement and consumer activity and to measure productivity of the current campaign
Спамбот it is the line of a malicious code programmed by hackers for performance of certain tasks on certain websites. Now boats are programmed thus to imitate behavior of people on digital platforms such as filling of information in the form of a subscription, pressing advertizing or the publication of comments at a forum. Also there are REM technologies and passive monitoring. The cost and efficiency of digital advertizing is defined by the number of viewings, clicks and displays. If the automated tool similar to a spambot, interacts with the same online banner again and again. The budget of advertisers is inflated and advertizing campaign becomes a little effective
The user doesn't check about 30% of advertisements. Reason: the user doesn't scroll the web page up to the end or leaves her very quickly before advertizing manages to be loaded. Such invisible advertizing won't affect consumer behavior in any way.

NOIZ is a platform for exchange of advertisements on the basis of blockchain. The mission of NOIZ to make efforts for increase in efficiency of digital advertizing and elimination of traffic of fraud. NOIZ prevents activity of spam, the NOIZ network controls any deliberate actions of the user and spam boat filters traffic.
The platform is available in any mobile device. In NOIZ 4 groups: consumer, advertiser, publisher and organization of social influence. In the application there is an e-wallet. All operations are made by NOIZ token

NOIZ allows advertisers and publishers to collect and share authentically consumer data with the help of a blockchain giving to consumers an opportunity to control what personal information they are ready to provide to advertisers and publishers
The user changes tokens for coupons the counters suggested by advertisers to hold to play in the market or to donate the counters of the charitable organization.
Publishers can also exchange the counters, work at the market

NOIZ helps people to earn to people from the advertizing companies and to protect the online and data. Solves crisis of advertizing fraud in the industry of digital announcements and gives retailers information on their interests in online stores

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