NordCoin’s Mobile Mining Containers wrap up the difficulties of individual crypto-mining processes and transforms it into a simple, straightforward service. We believe that future crypto-mining operations should be decentralized, mobile and independent from any single government, as well as placed in a region with a surplus of electricity production.
Our Mobile Mining Container technology helps to mediate hash rate, cost of energy and cost of space, which typically affects the profitability of crypto-mining operations. Our self-contained, remote-controlled, crypto-mining solution is based on a standard 40ft freight container which can be transported anywhere in the world in pursuit of optimal mining conditions.
NordCoin Mining is based in IT-friendly Estonia with the potential for expansion across the Nordics. The Mobile Mining Container (MMC) technology developed by NordCoin is a self-contained, remote controlled crypto-mining solution designed to overcome the three most significant variables affecting the profitability of crypto-mining:
effective hash rate
cost of energy
cost of space
NordCoin’s 40ft freight containers can be transported anywhere in the world to take advantage of optimal mining conditions such as often low-cost, surplus energy. Having established an economical contract with a local energy producer, NordCoin deployed four proof-of-concept MMCs in Q4 2017, Q1 2018 and Q2 2018, financed through private equity funding, the first of which has already fully covered its capital investment.
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The Nordcoin Mining team has developed the Mobile Mining Container (MMC) based upon a clear set of development principles and guidelines:

In every phase of NordCoin crypto-mining process security is the highest priority. MMC deployment locations have 24h manned security, video and audio surveillance. Only personnell authorised by NordCoin have access to our mining territory and equipment.
Our all-in-one MMC provides and ensures location independent scalability.
Electricity acquired directly from the source ensures fixed low price and no downtime.
Plug and mine
Once the power is plugged in and there is an established internet connection our MMCs start mining operations automatically.
Cooling optimization
While our operation is based in chilly Estonia, NordCoin has been able to design a highly-efficient cooling system for the MMC which adapts to any climate.
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A NordCoin token (also referred to as NRDC) entitles those who hold it to rent cryptocurrency hashing power from NordCoin Mining OÜ. Each NRDC token can be used to rent a fraction of the aggregate hashing output (across all algorithms) proportional to the total number of NRDC tokens acquired as part of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).
Token Name=>NordCoin
Token Symbol=>NRDC
Issuer=>NordCoin Mining OÜ
Issue Vehicle=>Ethereum ERC20 Smart Contract
Token Type=>Utility Token
ICO Duration
The ICO will end immediately upon reaching the maximum issue volume.
Nominal Token Price=>1 NRDC=1 USD
Total Token Supply=>Max. 12,900,000 NRDC
Hard cap=>10,965,000 USD
Soft cap=>1,000,000 USD
Token Purchase=>BTC, ETH, LTC, Wire transfer
Tokens Generated
85% Token Holders
10% Founding Team
3% Advisory Team
2% Bounty
Use of Proceeds
90% Purchase and Deployment of Mobile Mining Containers (MMCs)
7.5% Development
2.5% Administration
Bonus Structure
Day 1-5 10%
October 2017
plan and technical description for MMC proof of concept
November 2017
MMС proof of concept built
MMC shipped and start of mining operations
December 2017/Q1 2018
continuous improvement of the concept of MMC
January/Q1 2018
2 more MMCs built
April/June 2018
MMCs equipped with mining hardware
June 2018
publish Whitepaper
MMC-4 built
July/Aug 2018
ICO sale
further MMCs built
October/Q4 2018
mining commences
November/Q4 2018
tokens released for ICO participants
Dec 2018
launch of NordCoin Mining Platform
Jan/Q1 2019
proprietary mining pool software launched
Up here explanation from me and for more information please visit the Link I provide below:
NordCoin’s mobile mining containers (MMCs) have taken months to develop and have passed through several failed attempts. A lot of hard work from various experts had to be put into the project to finalise the turnkey solution MMC we have today. Since we did it to solve our own problems and maximise our mining efficiency, we had to execute it perfectly and giving up was not an option. You can read about that in our blog post‘The pain of developing something that no one else has done yet!’ We decided to come out with the ICO only after we were absolutely sure that our solution is tested and working perfectly in a wide range of climate conditions. The fact that we have also sold MMCs to other crypto mining projects means that the solution has been tested and verified by third parties as well.

Inside an MMC
Another reason why NordCoin Mining is different than some other projects is that we are already mining at the power plant and have a long-term agreement in place, which gives us a fixed and favorable price of electricity. We have so far built and plugged in four fully equipped MMCs, while building two additional MMCs that will be shipped and connected to the power grid in a few weeks.

In addition to that, our ICO hard cap is based on the amount of electricity currently agreed to with our supplier who is the owner of the power plant. We also have several new sites available in favorable climate conditions and ongoing negotiations to gain financially beneficial conditions. The new sites may require second and third round ICOs, but those rounds won’t dilute the first round participants hashing power, or potential crypto mining results.
Another reason why NordCoin Mining is different is that our aim is not to buy and spend money on land, while still being able to position our mining operations right next to power plants, in order to avoid transmission costs and losses. The other options considered include favorable geographical conditions with surplus energy, and an option to recycle the heat generated by ASIC miners, with agreements to sell it back to local central heating network of local municipalities.
Finally, we do not offer any big discounts during our pre or public sale, as it really does not make sense for the business case of crypto mining. Based on basic calculations, everyone should understand that discounts mean less money to buy equipment. This will result in less hashing power which equals smaller mining results. We are not looking for speculators to purchase our tokens in order to make some money on a quick flip. We have built our business model for crypto enthusiasts that firmly believe in cryptocurrencies, and who want to be a part of a mining farm that is transparent in its work and is run by a team of real professionals passionate about the project.


WalletETH: 0x022766eC455c74a83470804a19173ea6C2A31f51

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