Native VideoBox announces the launch of ICO and NVB-token

The market for AdTech and digital advertising is growing at a dizzying pace: in 2017, video advertising has become the fastest growing segment of the advertising market. It's time to make a new qualitative leap: therefore Native Video Box sets itself the task of integrating the blockbuster and the most relevant trends in AdTech to create the future of the advertising industry.

What is the Native Video Box?
NativeVideoBox (NVB) is similar to YouTube as much as the crypto currency resembles traditional banks. This is an independent platform for native advertising with an organic and "eco-friendly" approach to advertising, which allows sites to improve the user experience with relevant and relevant content. NVB distributes 75% of advertising revenue between creators of content (15%) and website owners (60%): in other words, between those who directly create content and those who bring it to the audience.

NVB service is a turnkey solution for website owners: relevant native videos and licensed content that instantly generate revenue using programmatic video advertising.

Also, the Native Video Box solves the pressing problem of video bloggers and other video content creators who have not yet had the option of distributing their videos outside the traditional video hosting audience and generating revenue from this. The project estimates that NVB will be able to provide content creators with a larger average revenue than YouTube can offer.

Native Video Box combines the latest technologies of video advertising in a completely new ecosystem designed to improve the conditions for the operation of web sites and content creators. These values ​​and the transparency of the scheme guarantee the network organic growth and inventory of the highest quality, which attract advertisers as a magnet.
WalletETH: 0x022766eC455c74a83470804a19173ea6C2A31f51

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