- 46 million dollars of investments are received already

Developers of the platform are ready for creation of the universal application with a set of functions which allow to make stay in network more comfortable for users. It concerns including advertizing of which there was much more recently. Besides, similar advertizing which is most often presented in the form of banners often doesn't bear any useful information and only distracts from stay on the website. The application will allow to get rid of need of viewing of unnecessary data, will reduce time of search of the required data, having excluded the disturbing factor!
Tracking blocking will be considered as one of the most interesting functions in my opinion. Now all large companies resort to collecting the user data which use at discretion. We already said that development of the special platform which will force the companies to follow the law is begun and to redeem similar data from users directly but not to steal them. But this application is concrete will allow to ensure safety in those cases when collection of information nevertheless is conducted. It can be both data on the geo-provision and credit data. And if in the first case everything isn't so bad that in the second everything much more seriously — information on credit requisites can get to a third party to become object of fraud that will lead to loss of the user means. Creation of really reliable platform which is capable to ensure similar safety in network seems to me and on any websites which can be necessary for the user will become the good beginning for monetization of the user data. The script developed by the project will allow to stop tracking in real time!

The application suggests also anti-virus protection which will give the chance considerably to increase the level of safety of the user data. It not only blocking of advertizing and tracking but also protection against viral infection. As in the modern world hacking became very widespread, it is impossible to guarantee that the user data won't become object of fraud if not to take the appropriate measures. It is possible only in the presence of the decentralized platform working on technology a blockchain.

At the expense of an exception of the disturbing advertizing of blocking of tracking and increase in reliability of anti-virus protection which will secure the user on any the website time of viewing of Internet pages accelerates. It considerably saves forces and even in certain cases means. Economy from mobile devices on which frequent will be especially noticeable there is no unlimited Internet if they are used for example on the way or during the day without connection to a home network.

In the course of ICO the project plans to raise funds necessary for further development and applications launch both for the browser and for smartphones worldwide. The main volume of an internal token of OIO will be 2'500'000'000. The whole 70% of all released volume will leave for sale in the platform for potential users.

Sale of tokens.

Pre Sale Start date on June 15, 2018, start date: July 10, 2018.
Expiration date of TGE of July 31, 2018
Maximum number of tokens of OIO 2500000000. The price of OIO is $0.04

ANN: https:

— Autor: upbit
— Donate: 0x4954c5CbB96ebD73EA18a1F3ECefc98362BF10F2

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Investments into ICO, review and analysis of tokens

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