Welcome my dear readers. My review, I want to open you doors to the world of cryptocurrencies online space is full of news ads, each of which is trying to sell us something and prove that this product or service really fits the needs of a person and solves acute problems. Companies that own a huge share of the budget actively promote advertisements and put forward to the tops in order to be noticed. The user is always exposed to deception and this architecture of the structure becomes widespread in the world wide web and reaches a large scale. Particular attention is paid to the specific actions that the user performs on the network. To do this, write special parsers that collect this information and are used in the future for the benefit of the enrichment of enterprises. This is what makes the money of the Corporation, "vtyuhivaya" anything, and no matter what quality the product. The user is a kind of test mouse in the cell.

Company offers an infrastructure solution to this problem. is a decentralized platform built on modern blockchain technology, which ensures the security of personal SOFTWARE against hacking and penetration of malicious viruses and protects personal data, hides the presence of activity on the Internet due to the block chain. This technology is completely independent and does not require outside intervention. Online is fully scalable and is designed to win the power of attorney from the user while in the General web. - building trust with the community
How does the user "pecks" at the messages of a motley nature and becomes a hostage to the situation? Malicious software is aimed at gaining trust and gaining access to personal data, in order to further monetize the information received and fix the profit.

Advertisements of a viral nature are trusted by the user and commit illegal actions. So, with one careless click, a person's personal CAN be infected. After that, without any confirmation, the SOFTWARE is installing a variety of applications and not necessary. The sites where such threats are placed are well aware of this factor, but the steps to eliminate them are not applied, as it is the personal budget of corporations for the further strategy of "selling". intends to completely eliminate the problem and offers an adequate approach of interaction.

How it works?
Monetization. This infrastructure will calculate the amount of time that the participant spends on the resource and thereby carry out the calculation of sales revenue.

Security provision. The software will be fully protected from hacking personal data and the penetration of external threats thanks to the technical features of the

Full protection. The presence of blockchain technology protects against theft and forgery of personal data. In the case of switching to a phishing site, the system will notify and block all possible access to the software.

Voting system. The main branch on which the issuance of relevant content is carried out is about crying. That is why when searching for the necessary content, often the issue is not true, as the material does not meet this request. To address this question, a platform will attract a community that will make the vote and personally make a decision, how this material corresponds to the rating and quality of presenting information.

In order to put together an ecosystem and build a working functional that will meet the requirements for the community and effectively fulfill the goals and objectives, a well-thought system of several unifying elements is needed. Online project consists of:

Protection of web browsers. In order to protect the user from hacking and loss of personal data, intends to develop its own extension for all popular browsers, thereby blocking access to malicious ads issued for the SOFTWARE.

Mobile device protection. For the security of your personal device, will develop its own application that will have protection thanks to the anti-virus system and its own binding to the personal wallet.

Digital wallet. It is a secure solution for personal funds storage. This wallet is securely protected and will be available for use with the extension on all popular browsers.

Platform Allows internal operations on the platform, for payment or transfer of digital assets.

Online is a worthy solution for the average user, in order to maintain the security and reliability of personal data. At the moment, the network member is exposed to many factors from which his personal activities suffer. The project offers a strong and relevant solution, which is a real need.

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