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Good evening, dear friends. The essence of the service is as follows. The seller (on the platform is called the author) places the product description on the website. Each registered user can become an author. After the author places the description of the product on the site, the description is included in the list of applicants for publication. At the next stage, any owner of the cryptocurrency platform can assess the quality of the product description by putting down a rating from 0 to 10 points. The best description of this product will be published on the website on the product description page. Voting opens once a month and is available for 24 hours.

After the publication, the owners of online stores will be able to place their offer on the product description page. The minimum placement price is 1USD. The list of offers displayed on the product page depends on the actual location of the service user. Offers are listed in the General list in the order of the placement price reduction.

The author of the published description receives up to 20% of the income received for this product per month. The percentage of income depends on the results of the evaluation of the quality of the description. Monthly income is credited to the wallet in the form of tokens. Income comes in wallet monthly in ETH.

Description of products is available in the form of systematic data in the format and JSON-LD under CC-BY license. The latest version of the GPC standard is used to categorize products. The advantages of the platform are such properties as:

systematized data on the latest standards allow to create qualitative descriptions;
the platform is available in several languages, the list of which is constantly updated;
the profitability of the work on the server is confirmed by the number of purchase offers on the product page. The minimum placement price is initially defined as the equivalent of US $ 1 per month. The offers are shown in the order of their placement price reduction;
the opportunity to earn good money, as the author of the description of the product receives up to 20% of the income from the commercial placement of the product;
the possibility of increasing the price of the platform token naturally through increasing its demand. Immediately after the launch of the first public version of the Open Product Database, the token is displayed on cryptocurrency exchanges;
investors receive a steady income. The size and the regularity of payment depends on the vote of the owners of the tokens. The first payments to cryptocurrency holders begin a year after the start of the crowdsale and go to the personal ETH wallet.

A total of 57.5 million tokens were issued, of which:

50% is directed to the main ICO;
25% transferred to the founders;
10% reserved for authors;
5% is directed to pre-ICO;
5% transferred to project advisors;
5% of tokens went to pay for Bounty.
The project began its existence in early 2017 with the study of market needs. At the moment, the beta version of Open Product Database is running, which is popular among users. The final launch of the project is scheduled for April 2019. Pre-sale of cryptocurrency was launched in February of this year. Since April, the main ICO began, the distinctive feature of which is the sale of tokens with a discount, which is reduced weekly. Currently, there is a token sale with a 50% bonus, the price for one token is 1 ETH.

Thus, the use of the Open Product Database platform is convenient and profitable for working with an open database of goods. Structured data platforms can be used in any online store from the largest networks to small local stores.

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