Welcome my dear friends. And here came the long-awaited weekend, which means that I am full of energy and ready to tell you about new projects.ORGANICCO is a decentralized platform for saving the ecology of our planet!
New Internet technologies have contributed to the development of the cryptographic market. It is no secret that we are on the threshold of great changes that are taking place in the world of information technology. Today, the problems of industrial waste is really huge, but the tools used in it are already substantially outdated. Recycling of industrial waste is not enough quality, there are opportunities that must be implemented. A few years ago, experts presented sad statistics, soon the arable layer of the soil can almost disappear, if nothing is done. Experts assess the situation as critical-degradation is constantly increasing, in 50-60 years the consequences can become irreversible. Why did this problem occur? The whole thing is in the use of quite dangerous pesticides, which adversely affect the soil. To solve the problem, you can use organic waste – its competent processing will open up new opportunities for soil fertilizer – organic fertilizers will help to correct the situation. The issue of payment, which is relevant for the external market, is also one of the most important problems that can be solved with the help of the ORGANICCO project. Insurance, as well as letters of credit are outdated, there are many troubles associated with payment. In most situations, you have to pay only after receiving a certain product, which increases the risk of encountering certain fraudulent schemes. Most traditional banking operations are sufficiently unprotected, which is what causes problems with fraudsters. The creators of ORGANICCO are confident that their project will help to improve the situation by introducing innovative technologies.

Features of ORGANICCO
Organicco is a project to develop environmentally friendly technological solutions that use organic waste to produce auxiliary products for agriculture, and also create an internal trading platform designed for the product market in this field.

The main objective of Organicco is to produce these natural capital using patented technologies to create a continuous cash flow, which in turn will be used to repay capital investments with interest. The ultimate goal of Organicco is to play an important role in the global food production, using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods, as well as in the production of renewable energy and renewable fuels.

Organicoo aims to raise funds through an initial offer of coins (ICO) Organicco token that will be used in the development of several projects in the green and agricultural industry in the United Kingdom (UK), Canada and Southeast Asia.

These funds will be provided to associate companies to develop these projects using environmentally friendly technological solutions called ecoHERO and ecoDRYER, which produce organic fertilizers and animal feed from unwanted commercial organic materials. The group will also produce renewable energy and renewable fuels from unwanted organic materials. The funds will also be used to create an inexpensive and fast international payment platform based on blockchain technology called easiPayer
Let's consider the possibilities platofrm easiPAYER

The easiPAYER platform is an international trading platform that the team (Organicco) has created in order to make commercial payments abroad faster and easier. Platform easiPayer is designed to address the limitations of existing methods. easiPayer can be used for other types of transactions, whether local or international. It will generate revenue by charging a small fee for each transfer operation and converting organic party tokens into currency. It is planned to use Organicco to generate profits and develop the easiPayer system into a viable and leading alternative to the conventional methods of financial transactions establishing Organicco as a precursor in the world of electronic or digital currencies.

Key perspctive ORGANICCO
Natural capital
The developers of ORGANICCO plan to use the funds received at the launch of the project to create other small projects that will be aimed at eliminating environmental problems. Renewable fuel, organic fertilizers-all this allows to solve effectively the existing problems.
Potential market
Operators that process organic waste do not take advantage of all existing opportunities. But the use of innovative technologies can significantly change this situation. The segment has long been in need of modernization and the developers of ORGANICCO want to implement their plans in the near future.
Chemical fertilizers are gradually killing the agricultural sector. The only adequate solution is the use of organic fertilizers – this requires organic waste, which will be sent for safe processing.
Domestic currency sale
The creators of the decentralized platform ORGANICCO are going to make several stages of token sale. The internal currency will be used to enable all participants of the platform to perform any required transactions within it. In addition, the project tokens are a guarantee of security. Investors will be able to expect to receive the promised dividends.
A simple, fast and very reliable platform that will solve existing problems with payment. Any transactions will be executed instantly, with a high level of protection-smart contracts allow you to avoid problems with fraud.
Organicco is a security token that provides investors and owners with a share of the profits derived from the Company's future activities. Unlike other security tokens, Organicco provides full legal support across carious countries, making it one of the safest tokenized businesses to invest in.
Ticker: ORC.
Type: ERC-223 (Ethereum Blockchain).
Total delivery: 120 000 000 ORC.
Softcap: £ 3 500 000 GBP.
Hardcap: £ 35 000 000 GBP.
Token Sale: 10.04 – oo.
Accepted purchase: GBP, BTC, ETH.
Price: 1 ORC – £ 0,40 – 0,50 GBP.
Country: United Kingdom
Token distribution:
16% – affiliate sale
60% - Crowd-sale
4% Marketing
20% - development Team
The allocation of investment capital:
42.2% - development of environmentally friendly technologies
A 7% Improvement in production
0.8% - Marketing / PR
10.9% of the Insurance capital for investors
7% - research and development in the field of fuel, the launch of new products
28.2% of the Estate under the management of easiPayer
3.8% - Legal
Road map
APR 2018: launch to ICO ..
May 2018: a Pilot project for chicken shit for the installation of the fertilizers. Implementation of the pilot project.
June 2018: Pre-ICO ends, the first phase of the ICO begins. Installation of a pilot project.
July 2018: Set to add more skills to the team. The signing of the contract for the supply ecoHERO to complete phase 1 Kent.The ICO and the start of the ICO 2 phase will continue until all tokens are sold.
September 2018: Signing of a 100-day plant for the application of fertilizers from chicken flour. The feasibility study of the methanol production plant begins. EasiPayer team.
December 2018: Delivery of the main components of fertilizer is 100 tons per day.
Q2 2019: launch easiPayer for individual suppliers and customers to test the platform and solve initial problems.
Q3 2019: Production of small-size fuel from biomass from mixed waste using ecoREDUCER ..
Q4 2019: launch of integrated anaerobic aerobic cooking boilers (IAAD) to produce both electrical energy and low-grade fertilizer from unwanted organic materials ..
Q1 2020: launch of methanol (road fuel) and ethanol (aviation fuel) plants focused on emerging markets such as Africa, India and South America.
Q2 2020: launch easiPayer for wider use.
2021: an increase in the production of fertilizers, biomass, methanol and ethanol fuel by providing a greater number of projects ..
2022: Creating systems for farmers all over the world for cooperation in the field of food production, mainly with the use of our organic fertilizers, and also to restore lands that are destroyed due to soil erosion.
2023: Establish a network of distributors of farmers ' food chains around the world, which will eventually create a loop economy that will close the food production life cycle and enrich many farmers around the world for sustainable food production.
The project has a strong and highly qualified team, which in my opinion is able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest possible time and I hope they will succeed.

John Ur : the Director-General
Vipul Patel: chief financial officer
Paul Herrbach: canadian partner
Gopal is Jayandra : technical Director
Parvana, Ahamadi : financial assistant
Bing Hu: senior Blockchain developer
Parasat Indrakumar : engineer of information technology
Jesson Eskat : engineer
Rashid Bello: ICO / Blockchain Advisor
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