Blockchain Transforms Container Shipping Industry


GSCP Overview

Blockchain industry is making deep roots in making sure that all the sectors involved in economic growth and development use the technology in improving their services. This is why you have heard about the GSCP platform. This is a blockchain based ecosystem aiming to transform the global container shipping industry by modernizing container registry processes. This will make sure that all the stakeholders can participate efficiently and be able to perform numerous transactions in the shortest time possible to minimize delay at the highest rate possible.

Problems solved by GSCP

The GSCP developers found that container shipping industry accounts for more than 60% of the total cargo transported around the globe. The industry is then faced with many challenges which include overcapacity, delay in executing transactions, insecurity, overcapacity and an alarming rate of environmental degradation. This is why the developers found the need to develop a blockchain based ecosystem that will improve efficiency by transforming processes through digitization in the sector so that the stakeholders can reap the benefits of efficient services.

GSCP Innovations

The platform has created a neutral and global platform where all the players can interact efficiently executing transactions within the shortest time possible so that goods can be on the move within the stipulated time. The ecosystem brings together all the stakeholders including the carriers, terminals, transport companies, terminals and any other party involved so that shipping goals can be achieved easily.

There exist more than 27 million metal containers on the globe and this is a huge number to deal with without proper processing. This is why the Blockchain technology will help the industry in achieving real-time tracking of all the containers to align the moves. The system also enables stakeholders to manage all the transactions involving handling efficiently at a very low cost

Benefits of the GSCP ecosystem

The GSCP is an incredible idea that will enable the industry move goods at a higher rate thus saving businessmen a lot of time wasted in waiting by receiving their goods on time hence selling fast and maximizing profits. It won't matter what type of goods are in the containers as every industry and organizations using the containers for shipping will receive their goods on time and make progress. You can see how the sector connects many industries and this means that all the players will benefit from the ecosystem thus improving the global economy at a higher margin.

The ecosystem is expected to save the container industry more than 5.7 billion per year


The platform offers a brilliant and unique set of tokens that will include revenue sharing model and the market maker fund that will enable token holders to sell their coins back to the ecosystem at a floor price until the platform meets a given fixed target or a milestone.

The internal token model involves two tokens which include the internal utility token or the CPT and the external revenue token or the CCC. Both tokens ICO went to the market exchange on may whereby you can make your investment count before closure.

The GSCP Team

The team is led by Peter Ludvigsen who is the CEO and founder of the ecosystem being assisted by Christian Gyntelberg as the COO and has special skills as IT Management consultant and a full team of experts where all the team members are dedicated to ensuring that the ecosystem meets its objectives.

As you have observed, the ecosystem will play a huge impact in container industry thus making sure all the stakeholders have gained from the industry. It is a company worth investing where you can visit their website at to inquire for more information and enroll yourself.


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