Orvium Blockchain Ecosystem Promoting Scientific Research Efforts


Blockchain industry is still doing wonders in making sure that our life gets easier day by day. The technology is providing new inventions that enable the society and community to reap the benefits of their work. One of the latest innovations is the Orvium ecosystem which is developed to enable scientific research effort outcomes to reach the society in a broader way. The platform is an open source foundation that uses decentralized Blockchain framework that aims to ensure that all scientific and scholarly publications and cycles achieve their objectives and give back to the society.

Orvium innovations

Through exercising full potential of the Blockchain decentralized technology, Orvium is able to offer a fairground, transparent and competitive market where publishers experience no biases from competitors, oligopolies or unfair competition from private interests.

The technology ensures that all publications are maintained in a secured blockchain mechanism where all the activities can be traced easily thus finding any reference with ease. All the activities including submissions, revisions, accepted and rejected work, user license changes and copyrights can be accessed with ease for any purpose that the users and owners may need to fulfill.

The Orvium ecosystem has a brilliant and unique technology that integrates Big data analytics machine with blockchain technology and this creates a path that unlocks valuable insights towards promoting the efforts of improving scientific production. This plays an important role in making sure all the technology required is put in place to realize fast outcomes.

Orvium Benefits

Orvium platform does a great deal in promoting research and data process whereby scientists can complete their studies as they are provided with adequate research data, material and codes available for everyone to have access.

The platform also brings all the scientists together in the same platform where they can interact and improve their work. This way new ideas are created and shared among a common group with same goes thus minimizing the time of achieving the outcomes which benefit the society to a higher extent.

The Orvium Token

To promote their efforts, the Orvium ecosystem uses the ORV token that ensures efficient and unbiased business model where everyone interacts freely and get whatever resource they need to promote their research. The token ensures fair distribution of resources and expenses to authors making sure that there is a reward gain and recognition to all the participants.

The ORV tokens ensure that the journals prepared by authors become available and sustainable to all participants at a low cost as they can interact in real time. This ensures the continuous evolution of the ecosystem thus promising great achievements towards global scientific research.

The Orvium team

The Orvium team is made up of a group of professionals led by Manuel Martin as the leader. He has great skills in critical data management and promotes the goal towards achieving technical innovations that enable scientists to make remarkable achievements that will help the society. There are many other skilled experts in various skills in the team working towards making the Orvium as one of the best scientific research blockchain ecosystem.

In summary, you find that Orvium provides all the necessary resources that will enable scientists to achieve their objective in the shortest time possible through interaction and sharing. If you are a scientist involved in any scientific research, this is the platform for you where you can visit https://orvium.io/ to find scientists with a common goal and all the resources you have been looking for.

Whitepaper: https://orvium.docsend.com/view/nvr6ywj
Telegram: https://t.me/orvium
Blog: https://medium.com/@orvium
REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/r/Orvium/


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