Otho Network - decentralized Crypto Payment Platform

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📌Eternal payment solutions for crypto currency

Otho Network is a cryptoplatform platform that allows individuals who have crypto-currencies to pay them for a modified request, based primarily on online administrations and stores, without losing the incentive to trade. Moreover, the owners of real estate in online stores are ready to agree to the crypto-currency for installments, without losing its benefits due to the many crypto-currency rates.
💣Otho Network improves the quality of customer service due to more attractive and flexible work. Otho Network has given its dealers complete freedom to decide on their own how to make payments. Participants can accept payments through the Otho Mobile App. During the transaction, the system records it and continues. The Otho platform creates value for sellers and provides a mobile wallet for users. It is known as Mobile Handy Wallet. We also combine Internet payments, e-commerce and crypto-isolation. gave full freedom to their merchants to choose how they want to make payments. Participants can accept payments through the Otho mobile application. During the transaction, the system will record it and continue.U5dtzJ4Ro9GoSzYzyQUgz7jZUktR69D_1680x8400.jpg
With gifts of decentralized money, the Otho Network stage offers excellent working conditions for everyone for suppliers and customers, immediately expanding the offer to provide cryptotermin in the business. Thus, we can adjust the impression of the core of crypto-conversions. This is guaranteed by an online store for the purchase of multimedia messaging offices and offices in the dining room.


Otho smartplay for any complete payment system that allows the seller to sell goods and services using cryptothermines

Great prospects, isn't it?😊

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