PARQ will let my parking spot reborn!

Family heritage

My family had been owning parking spot for several decades. It was created and equipped by my grandfather and then my frothed kept looking on it. Unfortunately, my father died 10 years ago, just right when the world financial crisis had hit it. I was just an IT student, so I had no clue how to manage with such kind of business. The decisions were made - parking spots were frozen for five years. 

During this period, I heard a lot about a possibility to reborn my family business, but I did not trusted managers and other people, who had phoned me and offered great profits. I was going to give second live to it on my own, but I had quickly found out that I do not have enough money for it. That is where my search began. 

No governmental support

Since there were not so much parking spots in my city, I decided to get some help from the local government. They get more spots, I get money and deal is done. However, everything appeared to be much complicated. They offered me sum that seems to be too low for my business. Then I asked them to give me some funding and I intended to give the money back right when I will start making my first profits. The have declined even this offer. Get me right, there were only two parking spots in my town, and none of them in southern part of the town, just where my parking spot were located. 

Next option was getting credit funds, but none of local banks had seed any prospect in project, which had been frozen for a significant amount of time. I was running out of ideas, so I decided to get some money on my regular job and invest it in my family business later. Then the crypto revolution began and I was interested in investment. In some time, I have noticed PARQ ICO, which seemed to be the perfect solution for me and my issues with family business.

PARQ is here to change situation for better

From the first look, PARQ may seem just one more ordinary app, which is designed for searching and promotion of parking spots, but if you discover more about it – it seems for me to be the best parking spot solution I have ever seen. If you are interested in it or in participating the ICO, you should check more info on their social media, but I have mentioned it because of one outstanding feature – funding for parking place, similar to mine. 

It means that they are going to spend huge part of reserved tokens for assisting and development of parking, where they are needed. It had instantly reminded me of my situation,  because with PARQ I will be able not only to reborn my family business, but also earn some money on token rate growth, so I have invested significant part of my money into the project and I will be glad if you will help to fund this project too. Be sure that you will not be disappointed! 



AUTHOR ETH address:  0xCcEBaaFA84fb4F6147aC834CcD98E1858D955BA5 

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Denis Korablev

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