PARQ – brand new app for parking!

What do you want of your parking app? 

There are several main features that should be presented in parking apps, such as reserving, displaying of current availability and affordable payment methods. Let us pay some more attention to each of these factors to understand what are the issues of the currently existing parking apps and how could they become solved? 

Reserving may become challenge if you do not have reliable parking spot. In such situation, you would like to reserve several parking spots in one single location, but you will gonna use only one. It means that you have just wasted time of the owners of other spots. 

Some may say the preliminary payments may solve this issue, but it does not seem so. Drivers are afraid of fraud so they are unlikely to make such payments. Solution is reliable source of information, which restrict any changes without agreement between both participating parties. It means that spot owners are unable to decline the reservation, because they will not get money until the parking is actually performed. Smart contract technology seems to be the best way to store money and perform trustless payments, but none of currents application has this feature. 

Are you sure that spot is secured? 

Most of parking spots are managed in old-fashioned ways. We mean that they do not have even internal registrations system, never minding about the software, which allows to collect the data about the availability of spots and to share it with apps. Therefore, you cannot be sure that place, which were free 15 minutes ago would be still free at the time of your arrival. 

You should not blame owners, because some of them really have no ability to by proper equipment and software and government does not seem to help them, because local budgets are unlikely to have funding for this task. You may say that owner should take credit and buy everything they need, but truth is that parking spots are not so profitable and some of them are located far from the downtown, so they are not used often. 

The last issue is related with payment methods. Banks offer instant payment services, but they do take enormous fees for the operation from both driver and owner. In addition, owners money may be frozen for three banking days, which is very uncomfortable. 

PARQ is 3-in-1 solution

At first, it is decentralized app, which could be connected with several databases, so they provide you with the most recent data about the spot availability. At second, payments are fast and secure: tokens are stored in smart contract, so the possibility of fraud is almost eliminated. At third, PARQ is ready to help parking spot owner to modernize their stations for free – platform keep decent part of fund for this direction. Moreover, if you will manage to buy tokens at ICO, you are able to save a lot of parking money, because token rate will grow constantly! Have any questions? Feel free to visit PARQ portal and find out more. The future of parking industry is here and we are all able to make some money on it!



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