PayBlock will make the business more efficient!

As you know, in any sphere you need control, and especially business. PayBlok is a utility token for universal access by enterprises to payment and financing functions on the InstaSupply platform. PayBlok works on the blockchain Ethereum. InstaSupply is a cloud platform that allows businesses to track and control costs between suppliers.

I suggest you travel to the past and see the pre-history of InstaSupply, where did it all begin?

InstaSupply originates from the end of 2014 and its goal is to achieve the maximum simplified interaction of all buyers with suppliers on the Internet. Many efforts have been made to create and improve reliable working technology that captures, digitizes and automates all subsequent interactions of the payment process. To date, the InstaSupply platform, in turn, is already running at full speed and currently supports the trade of more than 2300 companies, continuing to grow daily.

Thus, people are already actively using this product, the work is on, the quality of the platform is constantly growing. Things are going well! Such a large-scale development of this platform speaks of its viability and relevance to medium and small businesses.

PayBlok token allows its holders to gain access to exclusive benefits within the InstaSupply platform, and it will be developed in accordance with the Token Standard standard. The PayBlok token does not give the right the right to InstaSupply as a company and this is normal. With respect to the token, the owner can decide completely what to do with them without restrictions and approval from InstaSupply. PayBlok allows InstaSupply to offer a number of products that solve SMB problems.

Using the PayBlok token, the following operations will be performed:

• Integrated payment solution

• Supply chain financing

• Asset lending

Take a look at the PayBlok token distribution system:

60% Token Sale (150,000,000)

15% Blocked for future use (37,500,000)

18% Company, Team and Advisors (45,000,000)

5% Incentives | Rewards (12,500,000)

1% Referral Program (2,500,000)

1% Bounty Program (2,500,000)

After the completion of the ICO, 167,500,000 tokens (67% of the total volume of the offer) will be put into circulation and the total volume of tokens will be fixed on this figure for 6 months, gradually increasing to its maximum values 5 years after the release of the token. The goal of this approach is the supply and demand balance, for the normal development of the project and the growth of the token.

The InstaSupply concentration map will require special attention to markets with a great demand for unlimited payment options and, therefore, for growth and profit. Here you can add the markets of the United Kingdom and the United States, in which InstaSupply was previously concentrated.

In its globalization InstaSupply will be guided by the following criteria:

- Market size

- Average market interest rate

- Complexity of the collection

- Average rate at the rate of B2B payments

- Credit participation in common B2B transactions

Now at the analysis stage are Brazil, Australia and Mexico. Apparently, InstaSupply has grandiose plans in the direction of its representation in all corners of our planet, which, I emphasize, meet the above criteria. It is worthy of respect and I want to wish good luck to the project. On all changes, the project will inform all its followers in its official sources.

InstaSupply objectively evaluates all possible threats, paying special attention to the protection and security of the funds provided in InstaSupply. Therefore, wallets on this platform will not have the physical address of the wallet. Virtualized wallets will exist only in the InstaSupply application, as a local balance belonging to PayBlok and a fixed currency for each business. More details and the system of protection of funds can be found on the official website of the project, I will mention the link at the end of this article.

The goal of the business is to maximize profits. And PayBlok being a token of the InstaSupply platform, I believe will contribute to the fulfillment of the main task, and will also serve as a tool for identifying and eliminating cases of fraud.

So, you already know that InstaSupply is already an active trading market for trading, which allows managing accounts and controlling services for customers for more than three years.

Advance sale of the PayBlok token will start soon!

I bring to your attention the Whitepaper of the InstaSupply project:

More information can be obtained on the official website of the InstaSupply project, as well as in social networks:

Good luck to all and see you later!

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