Welcome my dear friends. Today is a day off, which means I have prepared a lot of interesting projects for you. Payera is a payment platform with wallets and exchanges that allow traders and individuals to experience secure crypto shopping.

To become a crypto enterprise with the most users around the world, a place where owners of cryptocurrencies can shop online without problems. We also aim to become a leading global and universal cryptoprotocol.

Be our first choice. A place where you prefer to buy with crypto. We have committed ourselves to carry out all our activities economically and environmentally.


protected from criminals, because we offer complete consumer protection for all transactions made through PAYERA. This protection covers all ordinary goods as well as services. You also have the option to make an internal wallet transaction for free.
The SELLER gets the perfect solution for creating cryptography and increasing the right sales volume. We offer full protection against volatility in the crypto market by offering additional payments to Fiat or requested coins. PAYERA also has a lower cost and shorter detention period compared to other systems. Sellers also have the opportunity to conduct internal transactions for free on the wallet.


Overview of our products
Cryptopedia the first platform with a simple and safe multi-functional solution.

Buyers are protected from criminals as we offer full consumer protection for all transactions made through PAYERA. This protection includes all ordinary goods as well as services. You also have the opportunity to make free internal transactions with the wallet.
Sellers get the perfect solution to install in the cryptographic scene and to increase their correct sales volume.

Get your crypto payment card for everyday use to get flexibility even when you're offline.

The card is connected to your PAYERA wallet, and you have the option to make purchases or withdraw Fiat money at an ATM, as usual, except that you use coins in your PAYERA wallet.

Safety is our top priority. Any threat will be eliminated and published by our experts. We will introduce a self-commit code in our update. We not only protect our customers ' data, but also encode and distribute it to redundant servers across continents to ensure data security and consistency. We do not share any data with third parties or for market analysis purposes. Verification is necessary only to ensure that someone has not committed a crime.

How it works ?

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Despite the many advantages of blockchain technology and cryptographic transactions, including extreme speed, low fees and high flexibility, cryptocurrencies are rarely used as payments. Buyers and sellers are unsafe due to floating rates and complicated application. For this reason, businesses continue to use traditional Fiat payment systems linked to banks and financial institutions. Buyers need the security that cryptocurrencies transactions provide through secure trading, and in the event of a problem, a guaranteed refund of the payment occurs. Sellers want to increase their turnover and settle in the cryptographic scene. That is why Payera has set Itself the goal of establishing trust between buyer and seller.

Main objectives in the first three years

At least 6 million private users
At least 100 thousand registered international accounts
Create an international youth power team in the distribution and marketing of sections
Progression and research in blockchain-technology section
Create an international Fund team

2018-05-30 - 2018-06-15

Token: PERA
PreICO Price: 1 PERA = 0,035 USD
Price: 1 PERA = $ 0.05
Platform: Ethereum
Soft cover: $ 8 000 000
Hard printing: us $ 60 000 000
Country: Singapore.

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