Will PAYERA Become the New Era of the Crypto World?

Will PAYERA Become the New Era of the Crypto World?

Coins and paper money are now becoming a part of the history. In the nearest future, the currency will consist of the only series of numbers cryptocurrency. Currently, the cryptocurrencies market shows the great dynamics. Digital currencies use government accounting systems to transfer transactions from one person to another. As we see, the future of the current financial system will depend on the blockchain technology development and the reaction of the community. In general, blockchain can positively influence the development of the financial system.

PAYERA’s aim is to become the crypto enterprise with the biggest number of users worldwide, the place where crypto owners can do online-shopping without worries, as well as to become the leading global and universal crypto platform.

PAYERA will cover three main directions of spending cryptocurrencies: a payment platform called PAYERA, which will provide protection for buyer and seller, SHOPERA - a simple online-shop, and CARDERA - cryptocurrency payment card working at ATM as well. To implement the project, the most advanced protocol, Ethereum Casper-Protocol POS has been chosen. The distinctive feature of PAYERA is the fact that a percentage of the fees collected will be donated.


It is the payment platform with wallet and exchanger. It provides tradesmen and private individuals with the safety of crypto shopping. The sellers will be rated by the buyers. A good rating will let sellers have an immediate paying out and lower fee. The wallet log-in will be with a fingerprint, face recognition or a pin code. Users will have their private key, while PAYERA will not have access to users’ accounts. The coins could be spent at any external partner stores.


The user‐friendly online‐shop platform, which allows merchants and private sellers offer their services and goods in the crypto market securely. SHOPERA will be easy to operate. All the seller needs to do is log-in, snap a picture, set the price, and write a brief description.


It is a crypto payment card for everyday use, which offers more flexibility. The card is connected to the PAYERA wallet. The advantage of this card is that you’ll have the ability to make purchases or withdraw fiat at ATMs as usual, except the ability to use the coins in your PAYERA wallet.

How Does it Work?

PAYERA offers a simple multifunctional solution for users and sellers of cryptocurrency.

Buyers are protected due to full consumer protection for all transactions on PAYERA platform. This includes all conventional goods and services. The users can also do internal wallet transactions for free.

Sellers, in its turn, will be offered a full protection against volatility on the crypto market by offering an optional payment in fiat or the requested coin. If compared with other systems, PAYERA provides lower fees and a shorter holding period. Sellers also have the opportunity to do internal wallet transactions for free.


Ticker symbol: PERA
Token standard: ERC20
Total supply: 2,100,000,000
Soft Cap: $8 million
Hard Cap: $60 million
Pre ICO date: 05/30/2018–06/15/2018
Pre ICO price: $0.035
ICO date: 06/20/2018–07/18/2018
ICO price: $0.05 USD
ICO bonus: 25 % referral
Payment accepted: ETC, BTC, LTC, DASH, BCH

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